Which NHL team has TOP 5 CAP Hit Values – Nashville Yes – Montreal No by Jamie Gilcig JULY 21, 2015

As the cap age tightens its grip on the game teams are finding out that cap management is critical to their short and long term success.

I put together a chart of each team’s top five contracts and the average age of those five players.   There are different formulas for success.

Chicago and Anaheim for example have those twin huge salaries that dictate their roster.  Pittsburgh too is cap heavy at the top.

What is the best strategy for a GM ( or pool player) ?     I guess  the one that wins championships, but in the short term if you lose a Corey Perry for a big chunk of the season you’re devastated.

Vancouver had the oldest group of 5 at 33 years of age with an average of $6.12M per.

New Jersey was at 32.6 and $5.45M   Philly was at 32 and $5.525, San Jose was at 31.6 and $6.23, Minnesota 31 $6.78, Florida 32.6 $5.15, Detroit 31.6 $5.81, Boston 30.2 $6.50, and Arizona 30.2 and $4.79.

The Youngest teams were Buffalo 25.4 $5.19, Columbus 27 $6.00, and Edmonton 25.6 $5.60.

The most expensive teams?  (avg. in millions)   Chicago $7.66, Minnesota $6.78, Boston $6.50, Carolina $6.35, Montreal $6.35, Washington $6.39, St. Louis $6.44, San Jose $6.23, Pittsburgh $6.45, and the Rangers $6.50.

Lowest?   Toronto $4.96, Calgary $4.83, Arizona $4.79, Buffalo $5.19, Florida $5.15.

Most balanced?   Anaheim 29.4 $6.09,  Colorado 28 $5.51

Best value?   Nashville 29.6 $$5.65 and that includes Shea Weber.   Edmonton 25.6 $5.60 with their young guns,  and Calgary 28.6 $4.83, Winnipeg 28 $5.35.

Worst value?   NJ 32.6 $5.45, Philadelphia 32 $5.37, Vancouver 33 $6.12, Montreal 29.6 $6.35, Boston  30.2 $6.50

Tying up your biggest chunk of cap in a younger group has a bigger upside potential.   Likewise the higher the $$ value of your top five the higher the risk and of course higher the benefit when things work out.  But with injuries and the Semin factor that in of itself is a risk.

What do you think hockey fans?   You can post your comments below.

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