CFN Sets New Traffic Record in July 2015 – LAST MONTH of CRAZY BANNER SALE click for details

July was a very odd month.  We actually put out less content, but some of what we published was very very hot according to you the viewers!

As many of you know we at CFN believe in showing the numbers so here are our raw numbers for July 2015!


77,400 unique visitors graced our online newspaper with 2,479,057 pages being clicked on by live humans eating up 488.75 gb of bandwidth!

Our Top Cities for June  2015

1) Cornwall 40.35%

2) Ottawa

3) Laval QC

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Brockville

7) Montreal QC

8.) Brockville

9) Calgary AB

10) Gatineau QC

11) Morrisburg

12) Waterloo

13) New York NY

14) Mississauga

15) Belleville

16) Vancouver BC

17) Hamilton

18) Hamilton

19) London

20) Miama FL

21) Boston MA

22) Prescott

23) Peterborough

24) Sudbury

25) Alexandria

26) Winnipeg MB

27) Brampton

28) Oshawa

29) Windsor

30) Guelph

32) Quinte West

33) Prince Edward

34) Barrie

35) Kawartha Lakes

Alexa Rankings (as of July 14, 2015)

Alexa is a ranking system using algorithms to come up with a rating based on those with the Alexa toolbar.   While not perfect, it gives an idea of comparative numbers unless someone is fudging in a small market like one particular outlet seems to be doing.

Hang time is critical for your message being digested by viewers!    It’s one thing to click on a page, but another for how long viewers stay.   It’s something to consider when making your ad buy choice.    Email to find out more and some of the products we have that can get your brand seen!

Cornwall Area Alexa Canadian Rankings (AUG 4, 2015) 

1)  3,805  4.90  daily page views per visitor 7:43 daily time on site.


3)  5,127   2.20 daily page views per visitor 2:56 daily time on site.

4) 11,231 1.60 daily page views per visitor 2:30 daily time on site.

5) 19,900  1.20 daily page views per visitor 2:11 daily time on site.

Brockville 4,282 2.60 daily page views per visitor 5:39 daily time on site.

The Insane Banner Deal!

Other media charge by 1,000 impressions.   Why pay $29.95 per 1000 when you can pay one monthly rate?

If the other media could give you as much traffic locally as CFN you’d have to pay over $25,000 for the same banner!

Now that’s crazy!

CFN is continuing its crazy banner sale for August and this is the last month and most likely will never be seen again! !

For only $99+HST you can choose any size banner!

This offer will be available for the month of August 2015 only and only if you email

You can book for as many months as you wish during the sale.

Space is based on availability and sale extends to every size on the site!

300×700 pixels?  Yup!

300×250?  Yup!

728×90?  Yup!

125×125? Yup!

Animated gifs of up to three cards?  No extra charge!

This will be a one time sale and space really is limited for certain sizes and locations.

(client to provide artwork for this sale)

CFN is also looking for two experienced media sales reps.  Email your CV to and find out how you can earn what you truly deserve while having a lot of fun and freedom!


CFN can assist your regional campaign in the Federal election like no other area media site can.

Don’t be a silly goose like Bernadette Clement and finish out of the running because of silly perceptions!

Email and set up an appointment and make the magic happen for you in 2015!

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