Dave Windsor of Cornwall Ontario Wants Keystone Pipeline – Letter to the Editor AUG 12, 2015

Letter to the Editor
Keystone Must Be Approved
The Keystone project, MUST go forward for North America’s Sake.  This may seem simplistic, yet Ultra important to all our economies.
Here is why:
Dependency on oils of Asian and Arabic extraction in the Far East have caused virtually ALL the wars between the USA and all other factions in those regions all other countries to do with the trade, including docking ports.  It is time for the North American markets to be self supporting.  It has brought much if not all terrorism closer to home.
To maintain Arabian controls, pricing and buying up are Universities, Industries AND POCKETING LARGE SUMS INTO POLITITIANS BANK ACCOUNTS OR EVEN FREEZERS, has got to stop.  It is time North America spoke for itself.
North America should NOT be for sale to outside countries, be it Saudi Arabia or China.  These circle go rounds only continue to exacerbate our abilities to stand firm and strong against them.  In effect, they are using our own monies to buyout our properties.
Enough already.  Time is now to open our own markets and eliminate being hijacked by outsiders.  Fracturing in the US and Canada or even Mexico are not enough to ‘feed’ our own markets and even if cut backs were needed to stem the tide of Global Warming, that should come solely by first cutting out oil from distant foreign, higher transporting markets.
Dave Windsor

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