Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement to Kick Off Campaign in Morrisburg on September 6, 2015 – #CDNpoli

Liberals Announce Campaign Launch in Morrisburg

Cornwall – Today, Bernadette Clement is happy to announce that that she will be launching her campaign on Sunday, September 6 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at Russell Manor in Morrisburg. A great opportunity to meet Bernadette and help her – her team is encouraging everyone from across the riding to come out and show their support. Refreshments and snacks will be served.

This event is the first of several that will be taking place during the week of September 6, as the official opening of her campaign’s headquarters, located at 628 Pitt Street in Cornwall, will take place at  5:30 to 8:30 pm on  Thursday, September 10. Following this event, Bernadette Clement and her team will head to North Stormont for a special meet and greet at the home of one of her supporters, scheduled for Saturday September 12th.

“We are very excited to be launching our campaign at the historic and beautifully restored 1870s Russell Manor”, said Ms. Clement. “It gives us the opportunity to meet our Dundas County and area supporters and to connect to our Party’s history”, she added. It was in Morrisburg on October 8, 1895, that Sir Wilfrid Laurier first proposed his “sunny ways” approach to politics, an approach now adopted by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. “This is the perfect way for us to start our campaign. We’ve already seen a great reception of our message all across the counties,” she added.

Bernadette Clement was selected at the Liberal Party of Canada candidate in June.  She has lived in Stormont–Dundas–South Glengarry for the past 24 years and is a lawyer at the legal aid clinic. She is a current three-term Cornwall city councillor and brings a wealth of political experience and local knowledge to the riding.

For more information about the official launch, please contact our media team at or call the office at 888-389-2510.

Campagne de Bernadette Clément

Pour diffusion immédiate

Les Libéraux lancent leur campagne à Morrisburg

Le 24 août 2015

Cornwall – La campagne de Bernadette Clément sera lancée dans le comté de Dundas le dimanche 6 septembre de 13 h à 16 h au Manoir Russell. C’est un rassemblement pour rencontrer la population et pour recueillir des fonds. L’équipe s’attend à accueillir une excellente foule et elle vous encourage tous, vous les résidents de Stormont, Dundas, South Glengarry, de venir appuyer Bernadette. Il y aura un léger gouter. Suite à ce lancement, il y aura l’ouverture officielle des quartiers généraux au 628, de le rue Pitt à Cornwall de 17 h 30 à 20 h 30 le jeudi 10 septembre. À la suite, Bernadette et son équipe se rendront à North Stormont pour une rencontre à la résidence d’un partisan le samedi 12 septembre.

« Le lancement de la campagne au site historique du Manoir Russell est enivrant. Nous avons la chance de rencontrer les partisans de Dundas et, en même temps, faire le lien avec l’histoire de notre Parti », nous déclare Mme Clément. En effet, c’était à Morrisburg, le 8 octobre 1895, que Sire Wilfrid Laurier à annoncé sa « Voie ensoleillée », sa façon de faire en politique, une façon de faire basée sur la justice et l’équité adoptée par Justin Trudeau. «C’est parfait pour le début d’une campagne. Nous avons reçu votre message venant de partout à travers les comtés », ajoute t’elle.

L’équipe diffusera des détails à ce sujet d’ici une semaine.

Bernadette Clément habite Stormont, Dundas, et Glengarry Sud depuis 24 ans. Elle travaille à la clinique d’aide juridique. Elle a commencé son troisième mandat comme conseiller municipal. Elle nous offre une richesse d’expérience politique et de connaissance des enjeux locaux

Pour des renseignements supplémentaires vous pouvez nous joindre au bureau à  ou par téléphone au 888-389-2510.


  1. Yup, fresh from a paid (by the taxpayer) holiday & ready to tackle the tough issues. I would like to know where Mme.Clement & the liberals stand on the Senate & gas price fixing. If I hear one more politican say it is not possible to fix the senate or gas price fixing, I will go balisitc. I should get the opportunity to ask her myself sometime soon.

  2. All politicians are there for themselves and nothing more. The entire system no matter what the party is all smoke and mirrors and all you sheeple out there have too much fleece in front of your eyes where you cannot see what the “magicians” are doing to all of you. If Mme Clément loses to others she will not be out in the streets but can be given a cushy job that she would bite on for dear life. They all know where their gravy train is at and she is feeling the hunger pangs.

  3. What vacation was that, Geoff?

  4. Jamie I am sending you something and I don’t know where to post this and it has to do with a lemonade stand that a little girl in Toronto held as charity for her brother and anybody else who has a rare debilitating disease. Two actors and I have heard of Margot Robbie who is Australian but I don’t watch TV or movies but here it is. I wonder if Leslie would have closed that one down as well if he were in Toronto and he made a real fool out of himself. Here it is Jamie:

    Suicide Squad Stars Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney visit Toronto girl’s charity lemonade stand

    Margot Robbie said that she had a lemonade stand when she was a child. What a huge change from the better days to the nightmare of today.

  5. Seriously. …..sheeple……AGAIN??? Very degrading to anyone.

  6. Hugger the word sheeple is very well known because the people accept anything that is thrown at them and they don’t fight back to the government and its representatives. The people take all the abuse from the government and complain and voting isn’t going to solve the problem at all. People have to take action – take to the streets and demand their resignation or nothing will get done. The sheeple are mighty blind and many are stupid and I have to admit to that as the truth whether you like it or not. All political parties are controlled by the same people “the same owners” and until this system is broken then nothing will be fixed.

  7. “Sheeple” may be well known. That doesn’t make it any less degrading to some of us.

  8. I raised sheep for many years, and believe me, they are smarter than a lot of people I know.

  9. Author

    and they taste good on the bbq!

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  11. Furtz all animals are smarter than most people. Most people do not use the brains that they were given and they follow the wrong path of life. I love and respect the animal kingdom and humans can learn a lot from them. Animals would not want our life and I think that they feel superior to most humans.

  12. Jamie I like lamb as well but beef is healthier where it has less fat than lamb. My husband’s uncle who was a doctor of internal medicine preferred beef over lamb for that very reason.

  13. Furtz, She was sent along with Frost, Hebert & Towndale to the AMO conference in Niagara Falls on Aug 20 2015. I would question why these people were sent. Was it their turn for a paid holiday at the expense of the trough maintainers? Especially when Clement has decided to run for The liberal party & Frost is under fraud investigation. Was this trip necessary?

  14. Author

    Geoff I’m not speaking for the group that went, but to be fair I think it was their own option and choice…

  15. I would understand why one person would have gone to Niagara Falls for that meeting but not to send a herd of people along and billl the taxpayers for it. Geoff is right in what he said. Having a person on council that is up for fraud is a real insult. If the real estate company here in Ottawa has any pride and dignity they would never have taken Frosty the Showman on at all. There are no laws at all and I have no respect for this crooked and corrupt law.

  16. Author

    Jules the conference serves an important role for elected officials. Maybe more should go?

  17. Jamie you are naughty making me hungry again with lamb on the BBQ. Do you know that you can make your own Shawarma at home and you can toast it at home as well. You do not need the special machines that they have in the restaurants and I have the recipes for Shawarma. It is easy to make our own and you know what you are putting in it. You would have little Fitzy’s taste buds running wild with hunger. LOL LOL.

  18. Jamie I understsand that fully and we have to think about the cost as well. A lot of those meetings are mostly fun meetings of lunches and the like and a nice hotel room billed on the backs of taxpayers. Cornwall needs a much better representation than what it has now. There re people in Cornwall and area who are very well qualified to leed but all we see coming forward are people who mess things up badly. The problem is “with what and with whom they belong to” and not lwhat kind of a person they are and what kind of a job that they can do.

  19. Author

    Jules I don’t begrudge any hard working elected official a weekend conference to mingle and party. There has to be some legal perks for such a brutal job.

  20. Our township of about five thousand people sent three reps to the conference. From what I’ve heard, it was very busy and very productive. Not my idea of a vacation.

  21. There is something that you said which is true is that “it is a brutal job”. If you take our mayor Jim Watson he is a good mayor and that is the truth. The man gets criticized for so much and he tries so hard. I see this man Russell Barth about marijuana and there are places like restaurants but for weed and Watson has been trying to close them down and I am for what Watson is doing. The old saying is that it is lonely at the top and that is so true. You can be the best and bend over backwards for people and still they will criticize you and it is never enough. I would never want to be on council nor as mayor. Did you notice that in Toronto the mayor didn’t stop that little girl for raising money on the streets of TO for that disease that her brother has along with some other people. Like my husband said this morning “your house is never your own even when paid in full” and how very true that is. Those little innocent kids in Cornwall were doing well until {MODERATED} and Leslie came along and destroyed their good deeds and learning how to earn money for what they want. The good Vincent family sure learned quite a lesson as well about Cornwall and such good people and they left.

  22. Cornwall is losing a lot of good people. I was reading the obituaries for once in I don’t know how many years and I noticed Mrs. Lazenby is dead and they lived in the Riverdale area of town. I went to school with Paul and Cathy when I went to CCVS and I have been to three high schools because I wanted the advanced French system and got it after a lot of pulling. These are good very good people and I notice that Cathy is in Arizona and Paul in B.C. My sympathies to the Lazenby family and you are missed. I am in Ottawa and I said to all of you before that the good and educated and intelligent people have left Cornwall and that is the truth. Many many many and I can go on forever in the word many have left town and everyone saw for a mighty long time that there was nothing left in Cornwall. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18. There is no vision from any of the mayors in Cornwall and this is a very sad situation because very soon all young people will be gone elsewhere and that is the truth. A university is not going to solve the problems at all. Universities cost big money and it takes a huge population to attend and this was tried and proven in Cornwall as a real disaster. Cornwall has a community college that was there for a mighty long time and all the good courses went to Kingston and Brockville and Cornwall was left with practically nothing. Young people have one thing in mind after finishing high school and that is go to to universities and colleges elsewhere. Jobs are what people need but what I see is that Cornwall is only going to be a town for the old geezers and nothing more. If there was good vision things would have been done a long time ago as well as the mentality of the people which holds things behind.

  23. In regard to the AMO……why send more than one rep? Can anything really be gained by sending more than one on a taxpayer paid holiday?

    In regard to Brock Frost he is not listed on the Keller Williams website, but he is listed on the RECO website.

  24. Hugger, at the conference there were several seminars going on simultaneously covering different issues. One rep couldn’t possibly take everything in. Not sure I’d consider attending a conference like that a holiday.

  25. Perhaps Furtz perhaps. But how about sending city staff instead of elected representatives who, in rewality, are part-time city councillors. City staff would learn much more than city councillors. And why does it seems these are like holidays and councillors line up for these conferences? It’s a chance to get away from their city ON THE TAXPAYER’S DIME.

  26. iJules…a vapour lounge, to which you are attempting to refer, is most definitely not a restaurant. You cannot smoke in a restaurant but an individual can smoke in a vapour lounge. That after all is its intended purpose (although there are now alternatives other than smoking thanks to the recent unanimous decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Military, ex military personnel suffering from PTDS are among the legally licensed medicinal cannabis patients as well as a host of cancer patients who obtain relief from the nausea that generally accompanies chemotherapy. It also acts as a appetite stimulus for cancer patients finding it difficult to eat. We can go on and on concerning the reason for an individuals medical cannabis licensing program but the bottom line is that it offers an alternative when either nothing else has worked or particularily in the case of an individual suffering from cronick pain is concerned about or suffering from kidney disease as a result of conventional pain medication ( oxycontin et al ).

    Sorry about being off topic but it amazes me how many people are so uninformed about this very current matter addressing our society today. These vapour lounges often provide safe refruge for patents who are being critized and ostracized by a misled public. They provide a social gathering place where fingers are not pointed and comments like “pot heads” are not tossed around. Or worse where they are directly exposed to people who think or rather don’t think like Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

    Good luck Bernadette with your run for a seat at the federal table. Bon chance.


  27. Mr. Oldham thanks for explaining this to me. There is a canabis smoking lounge somewhere on Bank Street and I don’t know if it has to do with those who have health issues or someone going there to smoke up a joint. The police are always around that place here in Ottawa. I don’t see how a joint would help with pain or be able to eat food when they suffer nausea through chemo. PTSD is mighty serious and it is something that you never get over and anybody who has seen war never forget that. Medicines given by doctors have a lot of side effects and that is the truth and some much worse off than canabis and other drugs. I have been lucky to have good health and only arthritis. I feel for those who are sick and there is nothing like good health.

  28. Jules if you do a little research you will find I believe that the arthritis society has a close relationship with the medical cannabis producers. Arthritis is one condition which medicinal cannabis has very favourably been able to treat. The psychoactive component does not need to be present to my understanding. In other words now that the supreme court has rendered its unanimous 7-0 ruling allowing cannabis to be available in forms other than dried plant material more options exist to patients. Thank you Jules for being open to consider the matter from a different perspective. If your arthritis gets bad enough talk to your doctor for a referral to a doctor who is knowledgeable, most are not as yet. A consultation clinic has or will be opening soon in Ottawa where you live

    To get a better view of this industry and its growth you might do a search for jobs/careers you might be surprised not only by the opportunities but also the qualifications. The former CEO of Jamieson vitamins heads up a facility in Leamington Ontario now. Even if you don’t agree with the product or its applications you might want to consider holding some stock in your portfolio. Entirely up to you.

  29. Mr. Oldham I have arthritis since quite a number of years and has worsen over time. My mom had arthritis when she was allive and I have inherited it. I saw a doctor in Cornwall many years ago for arthritis and he said that meds cause bleeding ulcers and other horrible side effects and he said that exercising like walking is best. Well my husband and I sure do a lot of walking much more than what is really needed. It sure gives me quite a lot to think about. My doctor here in Ottawa is not for natural medicines and even for my daughter’s condition there is a more natural form of meds but he will not give it to her. Like my husband said the doctors make money off of certain prescriptions and feed the patients with all kinds of toxins.

  30. Jules: Try Tai Chi – was recommended to me years ago and still is by my Physicians

  31. Dawn you wonderful lady I will have to try something because I am in pain. I will soon go and soak in the tub. Last week my husband and I met a man from Cambodia and he mentioned Tai Chai to us. I see many orientals practice this in the park and the man was showing us some moves. Thanks Dawn I will have to find out about this and for a long time my husband has said that there is something good about this kind of exercise and kind of spiritual as well.

  32. Observing the lawn signs for the three major parties it may be a close race here.

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