Harper Visit Snubs Local Media – Angry Conservative Ho Down in Eastern Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – AUG 26, 2015

What does it say when the very Prime Minister of a country is fearful of the largest media outlet in a region or riding?

What does it say if a party only invites “selected media”?   Does it mean that those outlets are more “fair” or that they simply will serve up whatever PR talking points the PM and his riding monkey’s wish to spout for the masses?

As it is large media outlets have to pay to travel on the campaign with Mr. Harper.

Here in Eastern Ontario it’s pretty apparent as our Prime Minister and his local stooge MP Guy Lauzon went touring places like Munro’s in Lancaster.

Creepy Colin Munro is an {EDITED see note below} aspiring politician who failed in his run for council in South Glengarry.



What is it with angry Conservatives? Are they all bullies? Here is long time South Stormont Conservative campaigner Bob Noble freaking out after we outed him when his email was confirmed in the Ashley Madison leak.

Does that remind you of Earl Cowan?


Or the angriest Conservative in Eastern Ontario, our MP Guy Lauzon who threatened the use of the Minister of Justice over a non governmental issue.

Mr. Lauzon was given a free pass by Mr. Harper on that one.

What these folks realize is that they are not running private businesses.   They are our “PUBLIC SERVANTS” which means that they should be held to higher standards.

But in 2015 we are seeing candidates and leaders hand pick which media they will talk to and some refuse to give any interviews to anyone during an actual race.

How is the public supposed to make a fair and education decision if the candidates will not speak to the public via the media?

In this case of the last weekend and today it was not just CFN, but other area media outlets that were blocked out too.

For a government that complains about media bias they use of government ad cash and privileged access clearly not Democratic nor journalism any longer.

Lauzon little buddy Eric Duncan was contacted for this story but did not reply before press time.

eric hand puppet

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below even if you’re an angry Conservative like Colin Munro who loves to try and post on CFN.

Editor’s NOTE 🙂    A few of our amazing viewers pointed out that Colin Munro is not the son of the Agromart owner.   Our apologies for our error.   The larger irony is that some silly people are trying to turn that error into some bigger picture that in our 11,000 plus stories since 2009 that this error somehow discounts all of our stories.    The bigger picture of a politician manhandling coverage seems to be over looked and we have confirmed that no release was sent to the Standard Freeholder, the Seeker, or the mostly Francophone le Journal for Prime Minister Harper’s events.

We also can still confirm that Colin Munro is really really creepy and Eric Duncan may in fact be the riding’s most knowledgeable expert in closets.




  1. Does it surprise you local media was not invited? Local media won’t play the soundbites they want. And local media can’t be controlled like national media can.

  2. Author

    If you control the message to that degree hugger then it’s not journalism or news.

  3. Hilarious chit-chat with Bob “the knob” Noble! He sure seems to have anger issues to deal with. Does he keep sheep par chance?
    Surely you didn’t expect to get anywhere near the Harper show. They are carefully produced TV commercials, and all the actors on the set are rehearsed and must stay on script.

  4. Like I said….local media can’t be controlled like national media can.

  5. Poor little “Guy”, or as he’s known in caucus “the clapper” ! Jamie, I doubt you missed much, as Hugger stated, Harper seldom takes questions or he takes them from safe reporters. I watched the circus event on CBC (live) this morning ! Another Harper choreographed event !

    Getting back to the “Clapper”, it would appear that he has short changed our riding again ? We all remember the sweet-heart deal with the tanks, wait till the Public sees the botched job, that the “Clapper” signed off on, regarding he demolition of the old bridge ? The huge concrete piers, the ones in the river, are remaining where they are ! That’s right, at least 4 massive concrete piers, jutting out of the river, forever & ever ! Why is that Guy ? Say it ain’t so ? The Government felt it was too costly ! So our little “pigeon” say’s no problem Steve, my constituents will just love the new art-work in the river ! Did you argue for us Guy, maybe an “ay shucks Steve” …… No other municipality in Canada would accept that from the Government, but not all ridings have “the Clapper” as their member !

  6. There was a brief moment, post 9/11 when reporters did a great job and society appreciated those who bring us news. In the past 10 years it appears to have collapsed. You’re right Jamie “control” is not journalism or news.

    Furthermore…we know we’re in trouble when certain of the ‘powerful’ :

    manipulate the media “message” by producing propaganda, putting journalists on the government payroll and tightly scripting all public events;

    dismiss all dissenting views in the media as biased and politically motivated;

    undermine public trust in journalism using the right-wing “echo chamber” to sow hostility toward reporters who challenge the official line; and

    eliminate access to information making it nearly impossible for journalists to investigate vast swathes of the federal government.

    As far as Bob Noble is concerned, we should not judge him b/c he’s on the AM customer list. His choice. Consider instead almost two years of public abuse/violence. And for those concerned about Bob Noble’s girlfriend, ask yourself this: What man allows public posts/images about their supposed orgasms on the x-file site without declaring the images/comments off limits and demanding they be taken down?

    Would you let that kind of public FB trash happen to the woman you care about?

  7. Author

    Eric I was told that it was because guys with 35 years experience tried talking to the fancy engineers. Turns out those blue collar guys were right, huh? Did we get value for ripping down a beautiful bridge and getting an over pass for $75M? Is that Progressive or Conservative spending?

  8. Author

    That’s not true Hugger. The Todd and Bill show pretty much prove that. Follow the money…. and ads. CFN has the largest market share period in this market and we’re shut out and boycotted by any government advertising. Why? Well smarter fellows than myself can answer that, but a reasonable person probably wouldn’t think that it’s because we actually try to cover news (and most times scoop the big stories like the chem tank).

    CFN isn’t moi. It’s everyone that reads it and contributes comments to it freely which you can’t do on any other local media.

  9. I agree that local news media should be at events whenever political leaders are in town. But local media can’t be controlled like national media can. As for the Todd and Bill show being there I don’t know. Perhaps they agreed to play by the Cons rules and be puppets.

  10. I’m just going to repost my comment that you previously deleted for some odd reason. Care to explain???

    Actually Jamie, Colin Munro’s father is not the owner of Munro Agromart. Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting false statements. Great reporting Jamie, you had one job……. Lol

  11. i have one simple thing to say sir you are the scum of the earth you are what is wrong with society in this so called world we live in

    {MODERATED} Methinks this just might be that wacky colin using a troll id.

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  12. The true cost of the bridge demolition will never be released. And with DemoPlus involved that’s no surprise.

    The cost of the tug boat fiasco is skyrocketing; preparing for fuel spillage, securing the site, righting and towing the sunken tugs, stopping Seaway shipping, lowering the water levels, extending the whole demolition timetable… the number of government departments and other agencies forking out millions of OUR dollars for a totally preventable accident is shameful.

    Ironically this costly fiasco isn’t likely to see the DemoPlus principals and owners losing any money (a little research on them will show the legal and business acumen that has brought them this far)

  13. Author

    I would hope that Canadians would not vote for any candidate of any party that hides from the media and public. Debates are one of the few areas that allow voters to see the mettle of the candidates.

  14. The Cons know that their ship is going down. They just want to slow the process down a bit.

  15. As I happened to be visiting family when PM Harper was in Lancaster, I gladly attended the announcement yesterday. As I was actually there, I want to clarify that there was indeed a reporter from the Seaway News, named Adam Brazeau, as he introduced himself prior to asking a question. On a side note, this local reporter was definitely the most unprofessional in terms of his interviewing techniques.

    As others have already pointed out, or at least tried too, I believe that you are mistaken in making the connection between Munro Agro Mart and Colin Munro.


  16. Jamie, I don’t use trolls, nor would I hide behind a fictitious screen name. This article is absolutely hilarious and once again demonstrates just how bright you really are. One phone call would have confirmed that this is not my parents business, but I would never want to tell the Anderson Cooper of Cornwall how to do their job! And by the way, calling me creepy when you have that video of me is rather rich (rich can also means “to have money”). Keep up the great investigative journalism, everyone is still laughing at you!

  17. Author

    And thank you Colin for your regular viewing of CFN.

  18. Who moderates these comments? Let me guess? The reported himself?! Hilarious! Too bad the rest of my comments weren’t shared, but only proves the point I was making about the lack of ethics by this “news source.” LOL

  19. From as far away as Alberta this whole story is infectiously amusing.

    “How are you doing Jamie? I check out CFN once in a while to catch up on the local (LOCAL) news” I will be in the area during the week of September 7th.
    I would really appreciate a backlink from you. – remiaubin.com. I can do the same for you.

    Remi Aubin

  20. Author

    Hi in Alberta Mr. Aubin, but we don’t do the backlink thing. Cheers and enjoy your visit to our lovely and charming city!

  21. Jamie maybe Colin might be related to Marilyn Munro of Hollyweird or Lally Munro of Corbwall. LOL LOL. ROLF! I had to add a little something here to perk everyone up for the weekend.

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