Two Men Die After Human Smuggling Event in Akwesasne Highlights Refugee & Immigration Policy of Canada by Jamie Gilcig

While much of Canada’s media focus is on the tragic death of a family trying to come to  Canada from Syria via Turkey two men from India drowned and a third was rescued in the St. Lawrence River in Akwesasne while allegedly attempting to get to the US side yesterday .

It’s being termed an alleged human smuggling case with one person charged.


The Surivor, Mayur Patel, 20, from India has been charged with three counts of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  The man transporting the three, from Snye Quebec, has also been charged.

We live in a scary world and isn’t it human nature to seek a better life for one’s family?    During World War Two Canada turned away a boat load (the St.Louis) of Jewish refugees seeking escape from the Nazi’s in 1939.  234 of the 900 on board would die in extermination camps during the war.

Clearly with the war in Syria, of which Canada is participating there is a need to accommodate refugees.

These three men from India may not have been attempting to make it to the US if they had been accepted in Canada.

Clearly it might be time to review our policies on how we accept people into this country and why.   We have the space, and in many cases need the workforce.

While it would be easy to politicize these incidents as other media have this writer thinks it’s an opportunity to take a pause and consider what we want Canada to stand for?

Should Canada be a “warring nation” or a country of peace keepers as has been our tradition for most of the last hundred years?

I think the answer to that is really easy if you think about it.

We need to streamline the process of helping others, refugees, and immigrants that wish to come to our country.

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  1. World Government?// Yeap, okay!! we can’t get political parties in one country to agree on anything. You actually think a world government would work??

  2. Lassie, spouting religious BS and scripture is much easier than thinking.

  3. Furtz you were not lied to but deceived!

    “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness(2Th 2:9).

    Deceived -“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”. God doesn’t play games.

  4. Is there a bible verse or passage about what to do with a bunch of left over marshmallows?

  5. A blood moon and total lunar eclipse!!!! Should we all run and hide??

  6. Many people are going to be deceived Pastor and this is coming sooner than what people think. The Pope is calling for a “One World Government and a One World Religion” and he is in Philadelphia US calling for such a thing and so has Pope John Paul II and Benedict XXVI. Socialism is also what Pope Francis is calling for as well saying that capitalism no longer works. Under socialism ones move is watched 24/7. People don’t know what is coming and they will be deceived in a false Christ as well. There are so many things that you and I can talk about to the cows come home. You are 100% right Pastor.

  7. How someone could get both a book and their head, so far up their butt is nothing less than amazing.

    The headline here is about the tragedy that comes when desperation and greed collide.

    Parroting the good news does little, apart from stoking one very self-righteous ego… try good works instead — without the chatter if that is possible.



  8. Jules…Socialism is a social and economic system that builds around the concept that government controls all business, industry and resources. Socialism lends itself to communistic idealism. The NDP is Canada’s version of this concept (the far left). Liberalism (left of centre) embraces many aspects of socialism. Primarily big government (state run programs vs private enterprise) and downward redistribution of wealth (wealthy support the poor).

    How has capitalism failed? Faltered maybe, adapting to a global platform perhaps, but failed i think not. Capitalism invites all who wish to rise to the challenge and be recognized on a multitude of levels. Communism in practice oppresses, removes motivation and breeds corruption unlike seen in other political systems. History doesn’t lie.

  9. The Pope may be calling for “One World Government and a One World Religion.” He is but one person. And I’ll repeat what I said before….”World Government?// Yeap, okay!! we can’t get political parties in one country to agree on anything. You actually think a world government would work??”

  10. Hugger I am in agreement with you about World Government and if this were to go through it would be a totalitarian system mighty unlike what we have today. If you would go on and type in former US president George H.W. Bush who gave a speach in front of the United Nations in NYC in the early 90’s you will listen to him speak in Masonic language calling for a New World Order. Gordon Brown (former PM of England) called for a NWO and so has former president Clinton and you can listen and see it on as well. Hugger I am very much in agreement with you. Pope John Paul II called for a NWO when he was alive and had every snake charmer, Islamic Imam and everything you can think of at the Vatican. Pope Benedict XXVI also called for a NWO as well. You can see all of this on These are plans that have been going on for a mighty long time and all done by the High Masons from the 32nd degree and upwards – a lot of the world leaders belong to this and they are the ones who make the ups and downs of the economy, the wars, etc.

  11. Hugger1 – when God sends right out deception as a form of punishment for our rebellion – “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”. God doesn’t play games.

    Rev 17:17 “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast(Antichrist – the one world leader), until the words of God shall be fulfilled”.

  12. I can just imagine Newton’s imaginary god releasing millions of talking snakes to whisper naughty stuff in our ears.

  13. Hugger Pastor Newton is absolutely right. The “Beast” is a country or a system in the Bible and God described countries as beasts just like Medo/Persia is the leopard which comprises Greece as well. There are other names as well (ancient names of countries) that He speaks about. The “antichrist” is going to be a person who will be influenced by Satan who will possess superior powes and have answers to all the world’s problems and people will think that he is God and bow down to him and treat him as God. I am an RC and believe me Hugger and folks we Catholics were not taught the Bible at all. I do my own research to know what is happening. Everything with this ISIS and so much more is in the Bible even about Syria being a heap of rubble. If you consult your internet it will take you to the passage in the Bible. WWIII is on the horizon and this is all part of it including the countries near Russia. The Bible doesn’t lie folks. Furtz jokes about the snake in the Garden of Eden well the snake was Satan. The wars going on today will not stop nor all the problems until Jesus comes back to judge everyone. Pastor you are wonderful and miss your quotes when you are not posting. Pastors like yourself including my own hunting around like I do for everything else would have kept me in the dark and not know the truth. I have you and other Pastors to be thankful for.

  14. Furtz we jad spaghetti a while ago and I burst out laughing thinking about you and your spaghetti monster. Well Furtz I haven’t seen your god in the spaghetti at all. Furtz you and so many other people in this world are going to be mighty deceived. When I look at all the health issues that my husband went through only God saved him and doctors of all faiths told that to my husband’s family. There was a very well known surgeon in Cornwall who told me the same thing and when my mom had cancer I went literally crying to him and I was a teenager at the time and thought that I would lose her. He told me that he cannot tell how long that she would live or anybody else and that every time he would operate on a patient that it was God who was leading his hands. I never forgot his words and he was a Protestant. God is testing our faith and that is the truth. You have no idea how I feel Furtz. I left my church and knew that there was more truth out there that we were not being told. I did my own research and thanks to Pastor Newton and others along with me digging as I always do for everything. The truth will set you free.

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