Elaine MacDonald Leads Hypocrisy Charge in Cornwall Over GSDL RFP by Jamie Gilcig

It’s very rare that this Cornwall Council does the right thing.  That’s why it was pleasantly odd to see them do exactly that over the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Pharmacy RFP as I wrote about it after that fateful Monday evening.  LINK

In that piece I posted this question:

Monday night’s meeting can be the beginning of something great or it could have just been bad theatre.

There was no theatre Monday night.    Elaine MacDonald, who championed the original rejection of Maureen Adams and crews recommendation put out the motion to rescind their decision and Carilyne Hebert’s tiny paw immediately shot up to second it.   Claude Macintosh was given that honour instead, but it was a unanimous vote with no discussion.

Nada, not a word.  Not a peep.  Is it any wonder why most of this council will be making our Christmas 100 Most Vile list of those that are key reasons why Cornwall’s population is still under 50,000?

Elaine cited legal mumbo jumbo so I spoke with a few lawyers and they were wondering why Medical Arts Pharmacy hadn’t themselves brought out their own legal guns as they probably would have a much stronger legal case against the City than if council had taken action.  After all this would mean ten years of not servicing the lodge which is a huge cash loss for not only the three owners, but the company which is responsible for those that work there and of course the patients and community.

Frankly it was Medical Arts that allowed this farce to occur.   They did not appear at any of the council meetings.   Remember all those firemen that silently showed up to show where they stood?   Where were the Medical Arts people.

We’ll never know what was said in camera, but legal reps have a responsibility to communicate all sides of a situation.    Does anyone really believe that the city would be liable if council rejected a recommendation?  That would mean that council is essentially powerless?

If I were Medical Arts I’d be filing a Freedom of Information request and demanding everything related to the scoring of the RFP since apparently council didn’t.

What it comes down to is accountability, and integrity, something that seems missing from this process?

The optics are horrible, as horrible as Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy announcing Councilor Brock Frost’s Medical leave as the council bleats about his vacation to Eastern block states.  I mean, really, who goes there for vacation?   Discount medical procedures, sex change operations, and cocaine deals, yes, but vacation?

This council has again embarrassed itself.   One politico was giggling and wishing for former politicians back, but I think it’s more about not enough being cleaned out during the last election.

This process was a snapshot of the dysfunction and corruption of our community from the government down.   Reading media stories you can also see who’s pandering for city cash and who isn’t.    Media can be corrupted too after all.

The bottom line is that six members of council did the right thing and reversed themselves with not a single word of discussion.

Not a peep.

Think about that dear CFN viewers.  Scary, huh?

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  1. My thoughts are that Medical Arts has already shown legal papers if this was not reversed

  2. My question has always been if there was no contract signed with Classic Care how could there be a possibility of a law suit?

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  5. Jamie Cornwall didn’t go ahead at all because of the mentality of the people which is mighty strange and backward. Just this morning my husband came out with that one and usually it is me who does the talking and remarks. This was a new one to hear him come out with it first. This morning Ottawa cops and paramedics were out training in the park where we go and what a huge difference compared to those of Cornwall – they are all educated and intelligent and polite. About the fiasco with Medical Arts and the pharmacy in Ottawa there has to be a catch somewhere or something is mighty wrong in Denmark – Cornwall. When I saw that Hébert girl I almost got sick – I can’t stand her at all. She is a typical Cornwall girl for sure. Cornwall will never ever change and that is the upmost truth. Cornwall will always remain backward as long as it has such people.

  6. I just went on one of Cornwall’s toilet papers of record Seaway News and read from Toad Lihou that Frosty went over to the Eastern Block countries of the Ukraine, Bellarus and others for vacation. I am bent over in two laughing myself to pieces and can’t get over this. It looks like Frosty can’t sell a house here in Ottawa like I have said before and a great deal of competition and very few sales. Houses up for sale for over a year and no takes – the economy is in a rut. Maybe Frosty wants to die as to go over there. Like Lihou said that is part of WWIII and Frosty wants a death wish. It is strange that Frosty didn’t book a trip to Syria – the people would make fun of him just looking at him and could see that he is from Cornwall. The same will happen when he reaches the Eastern Block countries. This is really funny and goes to show you wnat Lez’s council is all about. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  7. Here we go again. Now, we have a mentality that is strange and backwards.

    And the police and paramedics in Cornwall are uneducated, not intelligent and impolite. Tell me Jules when was the last time you dealt with a Cornwall police officer or EMS worker?

    As for the GSDL contract we’ll never know what council was told behind closed doors to award the contract to Classic Care. My question has always been if there was no contract signed with Classic Care how could there be a possibility of a law suit?

  8. Hugger I have spoken to some of Cornwall’s BFPD years ago and I had a neighbor who was a BFPD as well. If you look at that funny video of those cops taking out Jamie from the horseshoe it was hiliarious. If you look at the video you will see one cop a young cop with black leather gloves and wanting to fight the way he had his hands and I saw him at the corner of Ninth and Marborough Streets when we were in Cornwall during the spring I think (can’t remember what month) but he was there directing traffic and honest to God I laughed at him while going by in the car. This morning my husband and I spoke to Ottawa’s finest and they were great men and very polite and educated. Cornwall’s BFPD are pulled in by families and friends. You have no idea of the laughter I have here it is something else. LOL LOL. ROLF! That idiot cop wanting to fight Jamie who is as wonderful a person as can be. You can’t get more rediculous than that except for Frosty the Showman.

  9. A few police officers attitude does NOT represent the whole police service or EMS.

  10. This is what I have been saying. This kind of stuff with council take the faith out of voting. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is voted in the ship’s going to go where the captain wants it to.This is NOT democracy. Councilors changing votes all of a sudden and no explanation? Even their vote doesn’t matter. This is strange to say the least though. What is REALLY going on?

  11. Jerry…..it seems they’re afraid of opening the city up to a lawsuit. Strange really, considering that they’re still dealing with the Diane Shay matter. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to settle that one, but insist on going the trial, costing the taxpayers unknown boatloads of cash. Leslie O’Shaughnessy campaigned for mayor on helping resolve the Diane Shay matter. And where is he now? It looks like he’s leading the charge to not settle before trial and go to court, costing the taxpayers boatloads of cash in lawyer’s fees and ultimately a settlement.

  12. What I see in Cornwall’s council is that they are all towing the line of the mayor whether it be Lez or BOB they are all afraid of their own shadows and that is Cornwall for you. Nobody has any real guts to have their own personality – everyone has to have the same character to feel like they belong. Now you see why I cannot adapt at all to Cornwall because I have my own personality and like one teacher (not my own but one that mom babysat fot) said that yours truly had a superior personality to the people of Cornwall. Of course there are some good peoplein Cornwall but they are so afraid of their own shadow and they go along with the abuse and everything to even keep a minimum wage job or to be accepted in the community. They kiss the keesters of the clique in order to have any kind of a job. Well yours truly never had a job by kissing up to anyone at all and I could never handle Cornwall’s weird mentality from the time I was a young child till today.

  13. Seriously Jules?? Now we kiss the butts of the clique??I don’t think so. Please stop painting everyone with the same brush. It gets tiring.

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