Bob Noble of Ingleside Ontario Served Defamation Lawsuit Papers – OCT 3, 2015

After posting hundreds of statements and comments on social media Robert “Bob” Noble of Ingleside was served a defamation lawsuit today on behalf of CFN editor Jamie Gilcig.

A sample of some them can be viewed on

The process server stated that Mr. Noble flew into a rage, cursing, and suggesting that God would punish Mr. Gilcig.
Mr. Noble was in the news after he was suspended from Facebook which resulted in the defacement of the Poppy when hate group leader & convicted criminal Kevin Dockery put Mr. Noble’s picture in the centre of a poppy which led to condemnation by the Legion.
The court case will be in Small Claims court with Mr. Gilcig, represented by area paralegal James Moak who is undefeated in what has been a series of lawsuits vs members of the hate group including leader Kevin Dockery, Mike Crowder, and failed South Stormont Council candidate Richard Currier & his wife Ruth.
aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq 8 fire paper SSNMr. Noble also was part of a paper burning party of The South Stormont News print edition that occurred at the Currier’s farm.
Mr. Gilcig was quoted:
Lies sadly travel faster than the truth, but when the truth finally lands it has a much stronger impact.  I have full faith that the courts will see justice served in each of these cases as they unfold.
The first incarnation of the hate group directed against The Cornwall Free News and its owners, advertisers, and associates was suspended after Anti-Semetic material was posted.
The last incarnation saw its members removed and no longer is active.


  1. Isn,t Karma wonderful when it comes around to those that deserve it the most, best of luck to you Jamie & lets hope Mr Moak continues to be undefeated

  2. I followed that group occasionally out of curiosity. I found it amazing that a group of “adults” could be so consumed by hate and nastiness. Sad, really, that so many people could have so little going on in their miserable lives.

  3. Author

    Tragically Furtz we saw some questionable judgement by local police and the crowns that some might suggest was abuse directed at yours truly.

    When you see people getting charged for throwing grass clippings and then see police and crowns refuse to charge for copyright theft, threats, forged documents making defamatory statements and more it’s boggling.

  4. I, as well, followed that group occasionally out of curiosity. Soap opera writers could have good storylines if they followed this group.

  5. Well this is one piece of very happy news to read and it is about time that something is done about the hateful bunch in Cornwall and area. I hope that more will fall after what they did to you Jamie and to your paper. The town of Cornwall and surrounding towns are mighty jeolous of your success and the toilet papers of record cannot keep up with you at all – they are no match at all. I said from the very start that you were a good person and your paper is the best. You keep it up and the very best to you and to your papers. What goes around comes around and best of luck to Mr. Moak as well.

  6. I have never followed this very strange and evil group at all and the only way I knew about MacDonnell or any of these strange people is when you posted things about them on your paper Jamie. If I fell on any of them I would not recognize any of them. I used to go on Facebook where my gang were Yankees and a few Aussies who had my interests in quilting and things of that nature. My husband’s niece who lives in Sydney Australia spotted me on Facebook but I came off not long after that because I found it to be rediculous. I never read the garbage that is said about you unless it is on your paper or if I am on the toilet papers of record then I may spot something once in a blue moon. Facebook is rediculous at its best and I didn’t go on to talk crazyness but help with certain patterns that I needed help but when I saw that it was all about nonsense I came off and never went back on at all. I was on Facebook for not more than a month or two and was gone.

  7. “The process server stated that Mr. Noble flew into a rage, cursing, and suggesting that God would punish Mr. Gilcig.”
    OMG the visuals I had! Thanks for that Jamie, I laughed out loud for real. That whole group are typical of social media, they have a sheep mentality. All the sheep following the leader and it doesn’t matter where. Yes Hugger, i’m calling them sheeple. Good luck Jamie, i wish you nothing but the best against those keyboard warriors. Man did i ever laugh when i read that though.

  8. Jerry I am laughing so much about Frosty the Showman more than that Noble fellow. I was bent literally in two roaring with laughter over him. You can’t get more insane than that. I just started to laugh again and there is something on Seaway News about him and playing a theme song of one of Chevy Chase’s movies (gee I love that actor Chevy Chase) so mighty funny. The thing is Jamie is a very good man and they are all very jeolous of his accomplishments and are very racist. We went through racism in Cornwall and will not forget it at all. Those people are mighty ignorant and they will pay for what they do to others. Jamie is the very best and I said that from the very first and I will keep thinking that and saying that. I wonder how far Frosty will go in Europe. WWIII is going to happen and even my husband’s country might be afflicted with the coming war because it is in the Bible under the ancient name. Souriya (Syria), Turkya (Turkey), etc. are all coming down all Middle Eastern nations and if you think the problem with the refugees and migrants are bad now wait and hold on to your shorts – we haven’t seen anything yet.

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