Yes Rob Manfred, Pete Rose Should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame by Jamie Gilcig DEC 15, 2015

Pete Rose is one of the greatest hitters in baseball.  His numbers speak for himself.   He has been barred from entering Cooperstown and was again refused to have his ban lifted by current Commissioner Rob Manfred.

What Pete Rose did was wrong.  Not only in betting on baseball, but in the way he handled it.   Once caught officially he tried to spin and then admitted his wrongs at his own profit in his book.

Pete Rose however deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.    The Hall is about preserving greatness.   Sometimes that greatness can be flawed.


Baseball itself has a shady record especially during the juicing era where players have been held accountable instead of management and ownership, or even the league itself.   There were really no surprises.  When a skinny shortstop starts to pop dingers it’s not about diet.  When players actual heads start to grow or players get Playboy worthy boobs, something was going on.

Pete Rose should never coach again.   He should not be in a role of responsibility, but to keep to suggest that his 4,256 hits or any of his other records should not be enshrined because he gambled is utterly wrong.

It’s time to honour what he has given the game via his performance, and it’s time to allow him to enjoy his golden years without an asterisk or becoming another Joe Jackson.

Nobody is suggesting rule changes or bending; just common sense.

What do you think baseball fans?  Should Pete Rose be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Should Pete Rose be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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  1. I agree with Jamie here. Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Putting him in the hall is about what he did on the field, not what he did as a manager or anything else.

  2. Sorry Mr. Pete Rose but it was your choice to do what you did.Just like everyone else that makes mistakes in their lives you have to suffer the consequences the rest of your life.
    To bad He was a great player.

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