20 Year OPP Cst George Duke of Brockville Ontario Charged – DEC 20, 2015


(PRESCOTT, ON) – On December 16, 2015 officers with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) arrested and charged an OPP officer in relation to an incident that occurred on September 2, 2015 during a motor vehicle collision investigation in which a 78-year-old Quebec man was assaulted. The victim received moderate injuries.

As a result,  Provincial Constable George DUKE, 52 of Brockville, ON, is charged with:

  • Assault
  • Utter Threat to Cause Bodily Harm and
  • Forcible Confinement

He was released on a Promise to Appear and Officer-In-Charge Undertaking to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice, Brockville, ON, on January 22, 2015.

He is a 20-year member of the OPP, posted to Leeds County detachment. He continues to be suspended from duty with pay in accordance with the Police Services Act (PSA).


  1. Most Police Officers are Good Cops but like the general public there are the odd ones that think because they are Police Officers they don’t need to follow the law. We need to get rid of the bad ones….Wonderful job!

  2. I remember the time that Cornwall lost many cops especially among the rookies and when they saw how Cornwall was run they left. Nobody who has self respect will want to stay and work under such an administration at all. If there is no fairness of any sort in town and so much corruption no decent person will stay. The BFPD is run by such an administration and there may be a very few good cops but the vast majority are mighty crooked. You have to be out and about to know what is really going on and if you are shut in you will not know what is happening.

  3. It wouldn’t be that bigger cities have better opportunities, would it?

  4. Hugger the cops get paid the same salary whether it be Cornwall, Toronto, Ottawa, or tiny Casselman, etc. OPP do get more money but municipal cops are paid at least $100K/year plus benefits. Many cops have left Cornwall because of what was going on with all the cover ups and they couldn’t put up with any of this nonsense. People who have a good conscience are not going to stand for any of this. When these things go on the cop cannot make himself to be in the proper decisions and everything is run by the crooked administration. When this happens in the big cities things are exposed including the names of the cops and others involved. In Cornwall everything is swept under the rug. Any good cop will not accept any of this and they move on to other areas that are less corrupted.

  5. Sorry Jules no. Each police service has it’s own pay rates. Why do you think they all bargain? A rookie in Ottawa starts at $44k, after 3 years they are at $85k. Some may make $100k, but that is after years of experience and /or overtime. Many police officers start with small police services and move on for better opportunities.

  6. The OPP have a long and proud tradition of corruption in Leeds Grenville, where I live. I’ll just leave it at that for obvious reasons.

  7. Hugger is that true that cops (rookie) start at a measly $44K here in Ottawa? I had to rub my eyes to see that you put down $44K as a starter. Holy Jumping Joseph! That kind of a salary is nothing at all and all the hell that they have to face here in Ottawa. I just came back on and when I was typing things out a cop car went racing by earlier and either an accident or a robbery the way they took off like a bat out of hell with sirons. This is a very dangerous job and I live in one of the worst areas and in the past it was so so but more middle class. $44K a year – that is nothing for what they go through. OMG unbelievable. Well how about Cornwall’s cops where they make $100K a year and in such a tiny town where not that much happens.

    Furtz and Hugger and folks even the Ottawa Police are crooked (some of them) and also RCMP and if you only knew what these people are up to. My husband knows them enough to tell lots of stories. LOL LOL. ROLF! They are not any better than other people. My husband used to work taxi at the airport and the city and he knew a lot of them way back when in the 70’s and early 80’s.

  8. This is one of the nicest cops ive met. I was pulled over by him for minor driving issues before. And again ill say he was the nicest one ive ever been pulled over by. I really doubt the accusations are true. I think theres more to the story and were only getting one side.
    Oh the second time he pulled me over was 5 mins after the first time. And it was cuz the computer was slow searching my name and dob and all. When it came back up on his computer showed a guy with exact same name and dob as me being wanted in bc for armed robery. So he pulled me over once again. And still was super nice, checked my looks again to match with description and came back to my car laughing cuz it def wasnt me. We both laughed about it and he politely sent me on my way. Pleasent guy go be pulled over by.

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  9. with all the stuff going on with the brockville police how do you no who’s good and bad if the guy had 20 years in the force how long has he been bad and how many people has had a bad go with him they go after people that are good people hope the truth comes out but why are they still getting payed

  10. Woody, the issue is not with the Brockville police. It’s with the OPP who have their headquarters just north of Brockville.

  11. Yes Jules….your eyes are not deceiving you. A rookie officer in Ottawa makes $46,160.09, rising to a 1st class constable salary level of $89,940.39. A rookie officer in Toronto receives $58,220 rising to a 1st class constable salary level of $94,524. I could not find any figures for Cornwall. Not all police services list their salaries online. Brockville which bases their salary increases on what is done in Stratford, LaSalle, Owen Sound and Kawartha Lakes lists a 1st class constable salary level of $79,616 in 2010. Based on the figures from those other cities a 1st class constable salary level now would be about $84,000. I’d say Cornwall would be in the same range, if not a little higher than Brockville’s salaries.

  12. An RCMP constable starts at $50,674/year and can work up to $82,108 after about five years. Nowhere near enough to support a family or live in large urban centers like the GTA or the Greater Vancouver area. A lot of them are forced to commute several hours a day because they can’t afford to live near where they work.

  13. Furtz you are absolutely right about not being able to afford to live in Toronto nor Vancouver. A small bungalow made of “clapboard” in Vancouver and I am talking about East Vancouver where the drugs and alcoholics live is well over 1 MILLION DOLLARS – WELL OVER AND I AM MIGHTY SERIOUS FOLKS. There is a lady that used to work at the library where we go to in my area and she left for Montreal way back in the late 80’s to become a librarian and a teacher. Cathy went to live in Vancouver to teach and be a librarian and all they could do was rent a townhouse and both were professionals. I spoke to her mom who used to do part time at the library and she told me that her daughter was back in Ottawa and that things were expensive enough here but no comparison to Vancouver. Toronto is out of this world as well and I wouldn’t want to live in such a place at all. Vancouver is not for me at all whatsoever.

  14. Hugger I once heard that in Cornwall a constable makes $100K/year and I almost keeled over in shock. Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and other big cities have a hell of a crime going on daily and so much more than what Cornwall has to deal with and from what I read the salaries were the same and I couldn’t believe it. If the BFPD had to deal with what goes on here in Ottawa they would high tail themselves out of here like a bat out of hell.

  15. Public service wages, including police wages, should be somewhat based on the local cost of living. Right now, in Gananoque (population 5000 and with a very low crime rate), the town police are getting paid almost the highest wages in Canada. And the cost of housing in the town and area is almost the lowest in Canada.
    Interesting story here…

  16. Jules, Jules, Jules….yes some CPS officers may make $100k per year. But that is not their base salary. We are talking about their salary before overtime, etc. The police chief in Cornwall makes $177k. I checked the sunshine list. Yes, there are a few constables from the CPS on that list. But that list includes overtime. It isn’t hard to rack up a salary of over $100k if you’re willing to work overtime when another officer wants a day off. And once again the salaries of police officers in Ontario are not all the same as I detailed in a previous comment.

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