Over 30 cm of Snow Expected in Cornwall Ontario from Sunday to Tuesday! DEC 25, 2015

While many enjoyed the warm temperatures Christmas Eve, the first snow mass is about to wallop Cornwall Ontario starting Sunday with over 30 CM of the white stuff expected to blanket the Seaway City with more seasonal temperatures hovering around -10c.

While we may have not had a White Christmas, we will have a very White New Year!



  1. Or as us older folks would call it a “normal” amount of snow to fall during a winter.

  2. I am going to say something dirty just now I MISS THE SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS and without snow for Christmas it is mighty sad. Yesterday’s weather was nuts and it was a Mary Poppins day with that horrible wind because in the US they had a tornado. The US can keep their tornados and all that horrible wind that we had as an after effect. Give me snow for Christmas and New Years and after that it can melt. We are in Christmas and it is ugly without the white stuff. Maybe winter will stretch into spring and maybe into summer – YUCK!

  3. Author

    Jules how is your hangover from Christmas Eve? 🙂

  4. Jamie I was up all night drinking a lot of water and didn’t get much sleep at all. I will be cat napping in between. What a night. I won’t forget the time I had here in Ottawa with the wine and cheese party at the CNIB (blind institute) and I sure was blind on wine and I never had any since except in the cooking. I only had 2 glasses way back in 75 and I had a blind man who was a social worker to dial the phone for me to reach my husband. When my husband was out on MacLeod Street back then waiting for me I couldn’t even see him and it was the blind leading the blind. All there was cursing and swearing to beat the band and I kept on walking to go home. I would have been picked up literally in those days since the cops used to walk the beat in those days. Now when I drink I stay home and that is only once a year. My husband bought me another bottle for New Years and I accidentally opened that one as well.

  5. My daughter told me that on Monday the high is supposed to be -7°C so that will be more normal than what it is just now. I told her yesterday to get ready for snow and then I fell on this on CFN and if only it came in time for Christmas. Oh well Mother Nature is mighty tricky. Yesterday my daughter and I walked to Metro from where we live and it was a long walk just to pick up a few things. The government was being let out early and the traffic was insane. One man had a box that was taken apart on his front grill of his car that is how strong the wind was. When I mentioned Mary Poppins I wasn’t kidding.

  6. Jules, I have a rule that helps keep my alcohol consumption under control. I only ever drink when I’m alone or with somebody. It really does help.

  7. “Accidentally?”

  8. Furtz I just had a couple of those rocher chocolates and now I am drinking half a glass of Irish Cream. I already polished off one bottle. I am saving te other bottle for New Years and I promise to behave this time around. LOL LOL. That was the big bottle at $40. I have another for New Years.

    Jamie I was up all night drinking water by the gallons – I was so mighty parched and very little to no sleep.

    Furtz my husband doesn’t drink wine either since it affects him as well. Wine does not agree with me and only in cooking. Today we had steak and it has been years since we had steak since we either eat chicken or roast so we made a big switch this time. I thought about you with your herd of cattle and sheep.

  9. Go easy with those fancy chocolates, Jules. They are a gateway to a life of addiction and debauchery.

  10. Furtz I had 7 of them today and yes they sure are addictive. LOL LOL. ROLF! No drinks today only soft drink so I have to be on my best behavior. LOL LOL. ROLF! Whatever that is.

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