South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Sued For Abuse of Process DEC 31, 2015

South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart is in legal trouble again after being served with a lawsuit for Abuse of Process after filing a complaint against a local legal representative.

Also served were Mrs. Ruth Currier, and Mr. Robert “Bob” Noble.   The action stems from a complaint the deranged feisty deputy mayor sent to the law society which was rebuffed.

This is separate to the current suit that the Township is dealing with after she campaigned to break the advertising contract with the South Stormont News.

Reports state that the township will not be furnishing her with legal representation to defend this new suit.

Below is a video of the Deputy Mayor sharing what she knows about growing her community.



  1. Time to pay the piper Tammy. She can’t keep abusing the legal system the way she does and not expect repercussions. And pulling the wool over the voters eyes a year ago will bite her soon enough.

  2. Author

    Sadly Hugger the people of South Stormont are paying the piper and she seems to be it. Currently the township is estimated to have spent over double the actual cost of the claim for paying the broken SSN contract in legal bills.

    Can you imagine the final bill when they’re done?

  3. Love the video!
    Dang… She’s HOT!!!

  4. Furtz…you need glasses.

    Governments never learn. Do what is best for ther taxpayers, not what is best for their personal interests. If they did what was best for the taxpayers a lot of lawsuits and problems would be solved quickly. But……….

  5. Furtz you have to be joking again about Tammy being hot. How long has it been that you had your eyes tested? Tammy is a big trouble maker and it shows right through her. I hope that she gets nailed. Who on God’s earth would vote for that trouble maker? I am happy to hear that the Currier’s are getting hit with legal suits as well as Tammy. The Currier’s are like cross burners on lawns. Shame on the people who voted in such people.

  6. Jules, Tammy is freakin’ gorgeous! Not too often you see a woman like that chewing her cud and looking so content. Maybe it’s the farmer in me, but watching that video has me fighting to stave off the impure thoughts, if you know what I mean. I bet Bob “the knob” Noble would agree with me.

  7. Folks do any of you think that Furtz has been dipping his beak in the bottle a little sooner than he should have. Tammy hot? I would rather look at a dog and call it hot than Tammy. I started on the bottle of Irish Cream and I was slurring my words a few minutes ago while talking to my husband. I had to repeat it three times before he grasped what I was talking about. It may be early to bed for me after dipping my beak into the Irish Cream. LOL LOL. One thing is good it isn’t wine because that would have me singing like a bird in a tree. LOL LOL. ROLF and blind drunk as well. I could only cook with it and it doesn’t agree with my husband either nor any of us.

  8. No Jules. I’m as sober as the preacher. I just know the sexiest woman on the planet when I see her.

  9. Sober – Furtz: one can be intoxicated by other things beside booze and drugs – like pride – love of self, lust, greed, and lets not forget power.

    Mat 5:28 “But I say to you, Everyone looking at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart”.

  10. Ha! My first good laugh of the new year!

  11. Furtz you are as hilarious as one can be and I too have my first good laugh of the year with you – you are mighty funny. Tammy being sexy you must be into the sauce. I had one glass of Irish Cream this morning with a few cookies and I just finished a steak with carrots, potatoes and mushrooms, etc. and I sure don’t find Tammy sexy but of course I am a woman but still I see a trouble maker right there in the making. Yesterday I was good – only had one glass of my Irish Cream and it put me asleep like a baby. I don’t have much to make me feel funny – I can’t take the drink. Once my bottle is finished which should be soon I will no longer drink until next year – same amount which is nothing compared to others.

  12. Furtz of all people the wicked witch who flies over my building on her broom sure isn’t sexy at all. You have to be on the sauce for sure. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am as sober as a judge just now and sober like the Pastor but it only takes one drink to put me impaired and that isn’t much. That is all I drink. There will be no more for me when that bottle is gone. I only drink once a year but I sure don’t see Tammy sexy at all. I would much prefer saying that a dog is sexy compared to Tammy. That woman sure scares the hell out of me on Halloween.

  13. Jules, can you imagine the preacher with a sense of humour, or an appreciation of sexy women like Tammy? I can’t imagine living a humourless and fearful life like that.
    BTW, we had a beautiful New Years Day Calf born today about noon. A lovely little Dexter heifer! Mother and daughter are happy and doing well!.

  14. Furtz congratulations on your newborn calf and yes it is a Great New Year’s gift for you. About Pastor Newton you sure jump on his case and it isn’t right. The Pastor is trying to save souls including his own. Thinking about sexy women and all will get him nowhere. LOL LOL. ROLF! About Tammy Hart – OMG she is mighty frightful and she just rides her broom above my building on Halloween. I am going to have to keep an eye out for her because she may be riding her broom at any time now. What a mighty scary thought – a nightmare.

  15. Jules – you have it wrong, I am not out to save my soul. The Lord Jesus Christ did that already. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast” (Eph 2:8-9). “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life”(Tit 3:5-7).

    Your mind set that one must save themselves is based in your works religion. Sinners can not save themselves, no matter what one’s religion declares. You believe that salvation is in your church, as you try to obey it, but the Bible says salvation is in having a saving relationship withe Lord Jesus Christ by faith. You have your church, I have Christ – big difference! Actually no comparison at all.

    1Jn 5:12 “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life”. Life doesn’t come from eating your wafer god! Such is idolatry, and no idolator hath everlasting life dwelling in them, and such will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

  16. Jules, just have at least one pasta meal a week, and you’ll be fine in the eyes of the ONLY true god.

  17. Furtz – so salvation from your god is like having a everlasting membership in Olive Garden Restaurant?

  18. Holy Jumpin’ Newton! You are finally starting to catch on!
    Now if you are serious about finding eternal bliss and salvation, watch that video of Tammy three or four times, and let your mind and your right hand, if you are right handed, go wild! The cool thing about engaging in normal human activity like this is that you won’t have time to hate all the people that you hate. It’s time that you get a firm grip on your problem and give yourself a good shake.
    I also recommend getting yourself a motorcycle to put a smile on your grumpy face during the summer months.

  19. Author

    Furtz we have to sit down and have a beverage one of these years 🙂 Or drop by the Art Gallery.

  20. Furtz you men are terrible as you get older your head is in the gutter where you join my husband as well. LOL LOL. I saw Tammy’s video only once and that was more than enough of a nightmare for me to handle.

  21. Yes Dr. Furtz – take two aspirins and call you in the morning. That will be $150.00.

    P.S. – Psa 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

  22. Jamie I can just picture you and Furtz having a drink together and all of Furtz jokes coming out – that would be one whale of a time. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see it. LOL LOL. ROLF! I can’t stop laughing when it comes to Furtz he is so funny.

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