Cornwall Ontario Police Confirm NO SHOOTING on Pitt Street DEC 31, 2015

Cornwall Community Police confirmed as of 9:07 PM that there was no shooting reported this New Years evening.   Local social media was buzzing about alleged shots reported .

Anyone hear anything about the shootout intown tonite ??..Lmfao !! 0.o

Saw this shared on Cornwall Group feed..Stay classy Cornwall me my husband n my son got caught between a f***** crack head getting chased by the cops n the stupid f*** decides to get out his car n shoot at the cops literally bullets flying right past the car so lucky we weren’t shot !!!!

The desk sergeant confirmed that there was no shooting and that they had fielded multiple inquiries after the story started to go viral.

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We will update if any events do occur.


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  1. Someone might have been awful high yesterday night and had an imaginary shooter and the only shooter would have been what they have injested. LOL LOL. ROLF! Here in Ottawa we heard nothing coming from Parliament Hill that we usually hear with fireworks going off but someone south of us were letting some go from their yards.

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