JC Penney in Massena NY Nixes Canadians Paying Canuck Bucks by Jamie Gilcig JAN 9, 2016

While the Canadian dollar is trading at a near low, Canadian JC Penney customers can no longer pay with their currency in the Massena NY store which is just a few kilometers over the bridge between Canada & the US.

Cross border shopping has taken a beating due to the low Canadian dollar.

Joey Thomas from the Chain’s PR department sent in the following:

JCPenney stores recently transitioned to a new cash and check system that is unable to process foreign currency.  However, our stores continue to accept all major credit cards and the JCPenney Card, for which Canadians are eligible to apply.

JC Penny does allow Canadians to have JC Penny charge cards.     So Canadians do you shop at JC Penny?  How does it feel not being able to use our currency over at our Southern neighbors?     You can post your comments below.




  1. Walmart and the Home Depot do not take Canadian debit cards either, we shop as much as we can now in Cornwall

  2. I can’t really blame JCP. Accepting Canadian money and then having to convert it to U.S. dollars can’t be cheap for a retailer. And accepting Canadian $$, or any foreign currency, must be an accounting migraine.

  3. Author

    Hugger that’s the price of doing business. Clearly the company isn’t interested in this segment of the market.

  4. It may be the cost of doing business and with the Canadian dollar in the toilet do you really blame them? Traffic across to the U.S. must be way down due to the ever sinking loonie. It’s not just the Massena store. This is chain wide.

  5. And if a Canadian really wants to buy in the U.S. using Canadian $$ then they can use their credit cards and at some other stores their debit cards. We use our bank card at Aldi’s.

  6. quite a few of the stores don’t take Canadian currency and some also don’t take Canadian debit, so we carry a visa just for that.

  7. What does JC Penney sell that people need so badly?

  8. When you spend money in the US you take away the jobs from our own Canadians. Stop buying Yankee garbage and shop at home. We shop all the time here in Ottawa and when we are down in Cornwall we spend a llittle as well in Cornwall. Keep our money here in Canada. You want a trip go to Australia, Fiji and places like that who appreciate you and we are a part of them. I told you before that there is a Great Depression coming and I am not kidding any of you and the net is full of that information including economists talking about it. There is no way that I would set foot on Yankee land at all. God is going to fix the US for what they do to others around the world and this is all very true. Stay tuned because so much is coming down that will shock all of you. Stop burying your heads in the sand and get real. I wish that the bridge in Cornwall would not exist at all.

  9. Tra-la-la-la-la-la-lah

  10. Jules….I’ll spend my money where I get value for what I spend.

    You don’t want us to spend our money in the U.S., but spending it in Australia or Fiji is okay? The reasoning is flawed.

    As for the Great Depression you’ve been telling us about for a few years now we’re still waiting.

    The New World Order? I can hardly wait!!

  11. Hugger, are you saying that you aren’t rapture-ready and prepared for the second coming? If that’s the case. you are living dangerously, my friend.

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I’m just trembling in my boots.

  13. “Jules”,when and if North Korea develops a nuclear warhead capable of reaching North America and it is targeted for Canada,you will thank God that the “Yankees” with their formidable military might and war machines support Canada. You are a small minded person. I am sorry to say this and have never said this before,you are one Canadian that we do not need on U.S. soil. Enough said.

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  14. Author

    RW&B honestly we have much more to fear of biological weapons than nukes in 2016.

  15. Cash and check system has nothing to do with it. You can use a simple calculator to figure the difference. What they are doing is not good for business…poor decision making by uninformed individuals riding a desk somewhere far away from the Canadian border.

  16. Editor’s reminder:

    Comment policy reminder

    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.

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  17. Nuclear, biological, etc. If it kills you does it really matter?

  18. Just as American money is not legal tender in Canada, Canadian money is not legal tender in the U.S.A. Given that interest rates received the green light to rise in the U.S.A. investors looking for an upside are buying U.S. treasury bonds which drives up or strengthens the greenback.

    J.C. Penney made a necessary corporate decision to temporarily suspend a courtesy service to Canadian shoppers until more stability returns. The alternative is to raise prices to defend itself from daily fluctuations in currencies. The costs associated in attempting to continue the courtesy to Canadian shoppers would exceed the potential benefit.

    The good news is that this has happened many times before, on both side of the border, and it is a temporary situation. Our dollar dipping below 60 cents will also be temporary, none the less painful but in years to come will reach and likely exceed parity with the U.S. dollar as it has done in the past.

  19. Keep in mind that Walmart today announced the closing of almost 270 stores (mostly in the U.S.A.). This was not unexpected as a result of a position announced by Walmart three months ago. The Canadian dollar is in free fall and fell below 69 cents today in trading.

  20. Rather interested in what the Liberal finance ministers position will be next week. Go Justin go. We used to have a dollar and now we have change.

  21. Yes David. Trudeau, and his band of socialists are totally responsible for the world price of oil sinking to $30 per barrel. That fact is obvious to everyone. Even the stock market collapse we are seeing today is clearly all Trudeau’s fault. We need a Kevin O’Leary or a Doug Ford at the wheel to steer out of the ditch!

  22. Mr. Oldham I posted about the closing of Wal Mart Stores but Jamie did not publish it. We are going into a global economic depression – yes the BIG D. At least 269 stores are going to close globally mostly in the US and the employees of Wally World wanted better money and the company cannot afford it since the economy in the US is in the tank and their sales are way down. We purchase very little at Wally World and only the basic necessities. My husband doesn’t wear anything from Wal Mart and only my adult kids and myself will wear Wally World’s garbage. My husband gives a lot of hand me downs to our son of Sears and the Bay where the better clothing is located. I have been reading about Wally World’s troubles along with so much since quite a while now and know so much more.

  23. Oh jeez…. Walmart is NOT in trouble. Their employees did not ask, as a whole, for more money. Walmart is doing the smart thing ….closing less than viable stores. It is to avoid problems further down the road.

    All hail the ever knowing ruler!!

  24. I found something for allof you to read when we were talking about Wal Mart aka Wally World closures. Well folks Sears is going to close a number of stores and people here in Ottawa were telling us about this for a long time now. Many of the Sears employees are shaking in their boots here in Ottawa. Macy’s in NYC and wherever they may exist in the US is also going to close stores. I want everyone to read this. The economy is in the tank. The stock market plunged and when it plunges it means big trouble like what happened in 1929.

    America’s most iconic retailer


    Read this and this is just the beginning of things to come. No wonder I see the clerks at Wal Mart here in Ottawa nervous. Sears and many other stores are going to have the same fate. Hard times are here and many may laugh and poke fun at what I say to them but all this is absolutely true. I see people in the malls but people are not buying because many are broke. Today we saw winter jackets that were of a lower price and then were jacked up in price and we left the store empty handed.

  25. Well, Jules, Sears along with Macy’s have been in trouble for many years on both sides of the border. They just refuse to admit it. These olds style retailers just don’t cut it nowadays. Until they decide to move their stores in the 21sr century they will continue to fall like pins at a bowling alley.

    Perhaps the winter jackets you saw were coming off from being on sale, back to regular prices. It happens all the time. Even on sale most items are still making profits for the retailers.

  26. Jules here in Cornwall, sears is the main tenant of the Cornwall Square. If sears closes here, the mall will die. Especially now that the other big tenant (no frills) is closed and there doesn’t seem to be anything else opening there. Imagine the Cornwall Square closing. Hugger and Furtz will still be telling everyone that there’s nothing to see here, everything is fine and nothing to worry about.

  27. Jerry….as you said in a previous post ‘this is not a Cornwall problem, it’s a national problem.” Retailers close all the time, in Cornwall and elsewhere. So, this is nothing new and nothing to get excited about. If a store is not making a decent profit don’t expect them to hang around long. I could never understand how or why Sears came to the Cornwall Square. Cornwall is too small to support a Sears store. And note that the Sears store at the Square has changed to a “Sears Outlet.” One step closer to closing.

  28. Hugger, honestly you think if the entire Cornwall square closes it’s “nothing to get excited about”? I think that would be devastating for our city and for downtown. And now with inflation, our weak dollar, the only game in town will be walmart. A corporation that gives NOTHING back to the communities it destroys. The writing is on the walls, whether you believe that or not. The future looks gloomy. I worry about my kids trying to forge a living in the next few years. Everything is going up in price, but wages stay the same.

  29. Jerry, are you a mind reader? I will be telling everyone what? A little presumptuous on your part, I’d say.

  30. Jerry….did I say the closing of the Cornwall Square was “nothing to get excited about?” No, I did not say that. What I said was “Retailers close all the time, in Cornwall and elsewhere. So, this is nothing new and nothing to get excited about.” There is a big difference between what I said and what you think I said. Please do not and try to put words in my mouth. If the Square was to close it would be devastating. Though some others say it never should have been built in the first place.

    For those who think Walmart is the evil giant please do some research. They donate lots of money to local and national charities. And in this community they provide a lot of jobs to local people through their distribution centre)s.

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