Will the River Kings Survive? Owner Steve Moreau Talks with CFN JAN 9, 2016

CORNWALL Ontario – There’s a lot of buzz about whether the Cornwall River Kings of the LNAH will survive?   The Kings can’t seem to have an owner survive more than a year due to abuse by City Hall.(not counting the fraud that was the Brock Frost ownership)

The team doesn’t get a remotely fair share of revenues from the facility and can’t even get reasonable practice time.   Moreau shared how the team has to go to Akwesasne to practice as the city only offers time after 9PM for the team.

And the River Kings pay for that time, thus losing revenue for the city.     Moreau shared that at one time he was considering building a rink, but that frustrations with City Hall kiboshed that idea.

I asked him straight out after media reports suggested the team might fold whether he simply had run out of money or is simply refusing to kick in more?

The Kings owner has invested over $700,000.00 to date and said that it felt odd hearing some fans complain about the $2.00 per ticket rise.     The fans have to inspire investment, especially under the conditions that ownership has had to work.     He stated that it wasn’t about running out of cash, but that the team had to support itself better,  which means the fans had to show up.

And begs the bigger question as to whether horror stories like this are impacting investment in Cornwall?

Each time someone comes to our city and invests shouldn’t they expect fair treatment?    Shouldn’t they have a reasonable hope that their investment delivers a return?   For every horror story do we not think that people talk….or read?

Talking with the Kings owner you clearly feel that he wants to make the River Kings work and has held up his end of the bargain financially.   Surely fans and the city have to decide if they want to support hockey, but with Lift Off & Winterfest gone, and Ribfest possibly not coming back this year and rumblings of Aultsville Theatre and even  Cornwall’s public art gallery of over 35 years folding what messages is Cornwall Ontario delivering to people considering moving to Cornwall or investing?


Whether it comes down to the permit department for new businesses, or the feeling that everyone is treated fairly by City Hall and ultimately if the public gives businesses a fair shake our city’s economic future depends on these experiences.


Can the Cornwall River Kings Survive?

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The Kings keep adding players and trying to give fans what they want, which is a winning team.   Now it’s up to them to show up and inspire the owner and make a push for the play offs.

The biggest thing this writer came away from after the interview is that there still is hope for the team, and that it really is up to hockey fans in the area whether the team will survive.

What do you think dear CFN fans.   Will you bring a friend to a River Kings game?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Winning is the key. Yes, they have done better lately; they have to put a string of wins together. A win here and a win there does not inspire confidence from fans. A win here and a win there also does not put bums in seats.

    In regard to the revenue sharing with the Colts at least they are getting something now, as compared to their first three years where they saw no revenue from board, etc. advertising. The city should have never had to arbitrate the dispute between the River Kings and the Colts. I’m not picking sides here, but the Colts have been around since 1988, the River KIngs have been here since 2012. So, perhaps the Colts do deserve more of the rink, etc. advertising income. In regards to attendance the Colts on an average do draw a little better than the River KIngs.

  2. Yes I’m going to the game this evening. The team needs the support and they’ve not gotten a fair deal from the city. As for comment about the Colts drawing more fans, that is false.I’ve gone to Colts game and some nights less than 600 in attendance.

  3. I was speaking on average when referring to attendance. There are sites you can check game attendance.

  4. If the River Kings don’t survive, I’m gonna beat myself over the head with a sledge-hammer until I’m firmly ensconced in the next world! Life just wouldn’t be worth living without the River Kings.

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