Cornwall Ontario Artist & Musician Moise Lasata ONE on ONE with CFN – JAN 11,2016

Moise Lasata is an example of a tortured artist struggling with life’s challenges.     After working for years in Welding, and of some of the toughest industrial sorts, he was debilitated, losing a lot of ability to use his hands.

While at a centre connecting with his First Nation’s roots he fell in love with Soapstone carving which became a form of therapy for him.

He also is an accomplished painter, and musician, as well as a former board member of Focus Art in Cornwall.

moise one man band

His gentle creativity and focus on detail is evident in his “One Man Band” unit that is on display along with many of his works at TAG Cornwall, the city’s public art gallery at 168 Pitt Street.

While the focus is on the Barrie Wentzell fund raising exhibit which continues through January, the back half of the gallery is TAG’s Artist Guild Marketplace which features art for sale from its members including Mr. Lasata.

One of the hottest items has been Moise’s cd of spoken word and music which is only $12.00.

Moise moved to Cornwall a few years ago finding its location and the fact there are many artists in the area attractive.    He shared in the interview above that his home town of Timmins Ontario not having as much of an artistic and cultural life.

Many of his pieces reflect his world views against war and harm to others as he is a very caring person with deep relations with many of his family members.

One of his passions is helping to save the city’s public art gallery after its funding was cut to zero by City Council.

An Art Gallery is the most important thing in the world.  How many arenas can you build?

The day of this interview he had smudged the gallery as well.

Moise Lasata’s work will be on display through the end of January including a first time presentation of his very impressive anti-war installation.

TAG Cornwall is located at 168 Pitt Street, and is open from Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 4 PM.    Saturday’s you can find Moise playing guitar during the gallery’s Open Art where people can drop in and practice their art for free!

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