Numbers Never Lie!

Unique Visitors for 2015


Number of Visits for 2015


Human Viewed Pages for 2015 *


Google Analytics Total Page Views for 2015


Google Analytics Unique Page Views for 2015


Avg. Time on Site for 2015 Bounce Rate

34 seconds 3.17%

Mobile Users

36% for 2015

Viewers via Google Analytics

  1. Cornwall 44%

  2. Ottawa 9%

  3. Toronto

  4. Laval

  5. Montreal

  6. Kingston

  7. Brockville

  8. Morrisburg

  9. Calgary

  10. Gatineau

  11. Mississauga

  12. Edmonton

  13. New York

  14. Belleville

  15. Vancouver

  16. Prescott

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