Cornwall Ontario Editor’s Choice Grocery Sale Items for FEB 1, 2016

I love a great grocery deal, and with all of the chains boycotting the media outlet with the largest reach it’s important for our audience to somehow find some of the best values of the week, not too mention my own pantry and freezer!

So here are some great deals this week.   Please note that these selections are solely the opinion of the editor of CFN and that no portion of this feature is paid for or sponsored unless clearly marked.  (IE you see an ad banner)

HomesteadOrganicsXLgRotatorWe look at stores from the Quebec border to Brockville, Winchester, and even to our Southern Friends in the Massena NY area!

Editor’s Choices for the Week of Monday February 1, 2016

Hannafords has Southern Style Pork Ribs for only .99 cents per pound US$

Farmboy has Leaf Lettuce for only .99 per head and Red Grapefruit for 3/.99

No Frills has Dragon Fruit for only $1.88 6 count bags of Avocados for only $2.47

Metro has Cauliflower for only $1.99 and to Celebrate Chinese New Years, Orange Kit Kat packs $1.98

Food Basics has Frozen Blue Berries for only $2.88.

Giant Tiger has Tuna for .83 cents and peanuts in tins for .99 cents.

Freshco has my favorite Sriacha sauce for only $2.88!  I stocked up for the year!

If you see a grocery deal email us at and if you’re  a smart grocery or food seller and want to reach the more than 75,000 viewers of CFN in the month of January email for more information!


  1. Thanks for the article.

    But what has continued to amaze me as I get older (it’s astounded me since I was in my 20’s) is that people still drive from store to store to save money. Any savings gained are quickly eaten up by the gas used. Yes, gas prices are cheaper, but gas mileage for most vehicles sucks in the city.

  2. I have stores all around me and can go on foot to many if I had the energy to do so and I have to lose weight or it will take me soon. I had a lot of scolding today by my family to lose weight and health problems is what I am dealing with just now (a lot of self infliction). We buy what is needed and we are going to do without a lot of things that we don’t need. Just recently I saw cauliflower up at $7. and no joke people just shoot their heads with disgust and walked by it. After walking by the cauliflower was rotting away at people shaking their heads in disgust and the stores lowered the price down to $4.99 here in Ottawa and still people walked by and didn’t buy it. If you don’t need it don’t buy it and the stores and government will lower the prices. We don’t have to put up with any of that BS going on. I told you all before that we are going into a global economic depression including WWIII and I don’t tell jokes nor lies it is all coming folks. I have a lot of cutting back to do and that is the truth. When my doctor sees what happened to me I am going to catch his wrath.

  3. The cauliflower going up to m$7 had nothing to do with a “global economic depression.” It had everything to do with a bad growing season and farmers getting out of farming.

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