ALERT – Heavy Freezing Rain Hitting Cornwall Ontario TUESDAY AFTERNOON Feb 16, 2016

A HEAVY FREEZING alert is being issued for the Cornwall Ontario area after a large snow dump hit the city.   Temperatures are expected to sink to -8c over night.

ALL school Buses are cancelled for Tuesday.

Wednesday will see mild flurries.

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  1. One of our neighbors on the ground floor told my husband and I that another snow storm was coming but I hate freezing rain the most. My daughter will be skipping school tomorrow since she is very sick. Today she showed up at school and the teacher told her to stay home tomorrow and a good thing that my husband and I picked up a bunch of oranges for her today. The weather is very crazy. Since she had viral pneumonia back in 07 she hasn’t been the same since. Good health is a real must. I am going to lay down now since I was up all night.

  2. Sure beats the fire and brimstone that has been predicted for some time now.

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