ALL SCHOOL BUSES Cancelled for the Cornwall Ontario Region FEB 16, 2016


  1. My little friend in the picture (the dog) sure has the right idea but not warm enough for this horrible storm. The school buses in Ottawa are not running and the city buses are late and school buses are cancelled and my daughter’s college is off for the day. I have been hibernating inside and will not even go down for mail. The roads and sidewalks are a mess here including parking lots, etc. The snowplows will be working day and night to clear up the mess.

  2. Jules, this was a perfect day to just lay low and cook up some spaghetti sauce.

  3. For the spaghetti monster?

  4. It’s mainly for me, Hugger, but if The Holy Noodley One wants some, I’ll gladly share it.

  5. Furtz I envoy you having a wood stove – so nice and warm and you are able to cook on it. Mom had a wood stove and always believe in it and there were times that the power went off when I was growing up and we had the lantern set on the kitchen table and the wood stove going. I bet you enjoyed your spaghetti. My son finished off the spaghetti that I had in a tupperware container in the fridge and he likes that as well as my daughter. Back in 1998 when we lost power we had a wood stove at the house that we purchased and we survived on that wood stove. That wood stove was not the kind that you could cook on but my husband managed to throw potatoes as well as chestnuts into the fire so as we can eat until the power came back on again.

  6. Your school buses are also cancelled in Cornwall like Ottawa. We are having another snow storm and again tomorrow from what my son told me. I hope that the streets get shovelled better tonight as well as the sidewalks and that my daughter gets back to her college. Not all colleges and universities are closed – maybe hers might be the only one. That is terrible you pay big money and the school closes just because the school buses don’t run for their kids. Teachers are mighty lazy anymore and get huge money to teach and don’t show up for work. If the streets are bad in Ottawa I can just picture tiny Cornwall and area. The streets are a nightmare and it took my daughter one hour to go to her college this morning downtown to check to see if the college was open or closed. The sidewalks were not shovelled at all and only a few were shovelled and not well done. I have seen a man walk on a mighty busy street and we just cringed looking at him walk.

  7. Jules, Jules, Jules……when the school buses don’t run the teachers are still required to be at the schools as the schools are still open. IMHO the buses were kept off the roads today so snow plowing / clearing could be done. The snow “storm” your son refers to should yield about 3cm of snow. That’s not a major amount, but add it to what was dumped on the various regions yesterday it’ll make driving interesting as the cleanup won’t be completed.

  8. Climate change. From fall to winter.

  9. Yes Hugger the schools should be open but my daughter goes to a “private” college and not like Algonquin College but she found out from the woman that she works with whose daughter goes to a private college around where we live and it is open. The schools here in Ottawa were open but the buses were not running. Today I saw the school buses in operation so kids are back in school. My daughter just came home and printed out notes that the teacher gave so I had to come off the machine and I also had to change the ink in the printer.

    The sidewalks are so so and some sidewalks are plowed and others are not. Yesterday my husband stopped the car so as a lady who had to walk on the road could get by safely since the sidewalk was not plowed at all. The main streets as well as our residential streets have to be cleared of the snowbanks which are blocking the visibility of traffic and it has to be done in case of accidents.

    Yes the snow that my son was talking about would be very llittle but even with little it is a hazard. One nut case of a man was on a bike this morning and went through a red light on a main thoroughfare near where we live. There sure are a number of very stupid and careless people here on the roads. People don’t learn until they get badly hurt or even wind up in the grave.

  10. Private schools are a totally different animal from the public funded elementary, high schools and colleges / universities. They operate on a different set of rules, etc.

    As for the sidewalks, roads, etc being plowed / not plowed I can understand the problem they’re having. Snow, rain, freezing rain, followed by more snow does not make an easy combo to clean up. Hopefully over the next little while things can improve in the winter clean-up operations.

  11. Yes private colleges and all private schools operate differently to the public system. My daughter pays a much higher rate to attend and did this to do the course in less than a year whereas Algonquin College would have taken her two years. There is a great deal of pressure and a lot of times she wishes that she did go to Algonquin College. Her marks are exceptionally high and we never saw marks like that yet and her nose is mostly in the books.

  12. Hugger the snow plows have been out my way for hours now and I think that they are clearing snow banks as well. My son was out earlier and said that there are a bunch of snow plows outside clearing the snow banks which are dangerous when backing out or going ahead. I can hear them for a long time now and could see them while looking out my window. They will be working all night all over the city and beyond.

    Before I forget an OC Transpo Bus ran into a bus shelter in Orleans and seriously hurt a 14 or 15 year old boy, his sister also a teen was cut on the hands but the mother escaped injury. This took place on Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard in Orleans and was in the papers today.

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