Cornwall Ontario Bracing For Second Major Winter Storm 25cm Expected for FEB 24, 2016

With a lower temperature predicted for Wednesday what should have been a heavy rain will turn into a mass of snow for the Cornwall Ontario area starting Tuesday night and dropping through Thursday.

Tuesday’s overnight is expected to drop to -8c with a high of +1 for Wednesday.

No school bus announcements for Wednesday have been issued as of press time, but CFN will be updating through the storm.

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  1. My daughter was off school today since the teacher told her to stay home and she sent her her notes through the net and was busy printing. I have a bit of my daughter’s flu and I won’t be long on line – I have a major headache. The school might be closed tomorrow and she has tons of studies to do. Yesterday afternoon we went to the lab and everyone was doing the “do se do” to get away from my daughter’s coughing. I will come off in a few minutes.

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