WEEDS Opens in Nation’s Capitol – Safe Marijuana For Sale In Ottawa by Roy Berger FEB 27, 2016

When clients open the door at Weeds on 77 Montreal Road in Ottawa they face their first choices. Will it be Blue Dream, Bubba Kush shatter or Bubba Kush buddar as their initial smoking option at sixty to seventy-five dollars a gram? Would they like Keif, Brown, Black or Temple Ball hash with that?
weeds 2Weeds Glass and Gifts had its soft historic opening yesterday, Friday February 26th at 1pm. It is owned by sixty something Don Briere and managed by thirty something Nick Dumond. “The Ottawa, Vanier Weeds location is Mr. Briere’s 26th marijuana dispensary,” said Nick, “Franchise opportunities are available.”
weeds 3Weeds sells marijuana and all its derivatives in both edible and raw form in attractive packaging behind glass counters and temperature controlled coolers. Brand name cocoa, bath salts, shatter, hash, bongs, books and manicured bud are all available and on display in their clean and well lighted store.
weeds 4 Information cards detailing the contents and qualities of each product are adjacent to their apothecary like jars. Security is all and more than you can see in the age of wireless computers, panic buttons and a product that compares to the price of silver and gold bullion.
“Membership is free and we are selling at compassion prices from $8.00 a gram for outdoor and $12.00 for everything else, tax included. We take cash,debit and credit cards.”
weeds 5The dispensary manager, Mr. Dumond was a lead hand carpenter, building circular stair-cases for a variety of main-stream construction companies. As the years of toil went by, Nick’s hands began to swell and become painful due to, “One of the worst cases of carpal tunnel syndrome my doctor had ever seen. Soon the doctor had me up to using 80mg of Oxycodone every day. I looked at myself and my kids and I knew something was very wrong. After one month of awful withdrawal I replaced the Oxy’s with marijuana.”
weeds 6Nick said, ” In order to give medical autonomy to people, Weeds does not require a medical marijuana card to dispense marijuana. Not everyone has $250 to $400 to go through the process. Bring us a prescription for any medicine you are currently taking that is related to symptoms seen to be alleviated by marijuana and that is sufficient.”
weeds 7“We take your details and create a free membership card for you. The information is stored and encrypted on an off line computer. Adult photo ID is required. We aren’t buying local. It’s all tested at head office and shipped in from Vancouver,” Nick held up a copy of Dana Larsen’s Cannabis In Canada, The Illustrated History, ” Look at Marc Emery selling High Times door to door just to pay the rent. Guys like him and Don Briere have laid the sod for here and the world. You gotta respect guys like that.”
weeds 8Weeds has their store front in Ottawa at 77 Montreal Road. They are open from11am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 613-695-6420.
Roy Berger is a contributor to Fogel’s 2015 Underground Comic Book Guide.http://www.hippycomix.com/ and author of 2012 Rabbits http://www.amazon.ca/Rabbits-Happy-Apocalypse-Shortwave-Radio-ebook/dp/B005CBFR9G


  1. Mayor Jim Watson had Buzz On shut down quickly only to learn that the operation is technically legal. The dispensary is not legal however. Dispensaries in Vancouver are also illegal but have been operating for quite some time. The Federal Government under Steven Harper turned a blind eye and has allowed Vancouver to deal with their own situation. Vancouver is in the process of licensing these establishments and I believe that the first 10 have been processed. That leaves about 90 to go.

    What is Watson waiting for now? The law technically is on his side. Seems like the public however is not.

  2. Shops like this are pretty cool, but they cater to folks who have lots and lots of money. A Federal Court judge, just this week, struck down another asinine Harper law, and people will soon be able to grow their own at home.

  3. Majority of Canadians want easy access to non-toxic cannabis.

    Prohibition has to stop.

  4. The money is there, all the feds have to do is say they want it. Legalize and regulate, watch the money flow in. There are other models to look at now with legalization, if you can see them over the stacks of money that is. These stupid little “sin taxes” on smokes and wine are a joke compared to the cannabis taxes that can be collected. And how about Cornwall? Lots of cannabis culture here and the city is dead anyway, why not cash in on the cannabis craze. Council would have so much money they can fund $100.000 studies everytime a new dollar store opens to see if it’s actually needed. Pot tourism in Cornwall, I like the sound of that. But they have to be innovative and do it now before everyone else does. Cafes, head shops, festivals and dispensaries everywhere. What? A guy can dream, can’t he? I know Cornwall will be the very last city in Canada to have a dispensary. We will forever be the folks that people ask “So like, is there an actual wall of corn there?”. Beg my pard.

  5. Jerry that Weeds shop is located in the Vanier area of Ottawa and it is a “seedy” area of town which is connected to Rideau Street which is another mighty seedy area and that is where it belongs if it can continue to exist. I don’t know how long that shop will exist but it will attract the worst kinds of people to that place – well the worst kinds live in that area of town. Cornwall has more than enough problems as is without adding such a place to it and Cornwall is very dead more so than ever before – much worse than the 30’s depression. Cornwall became a grave yard and the governments of all levels don’t give a hoot about Cornwall and left it to die. I see no solution for Cornwall at this present time and opening up a Weed place will only add to more and more crime. The rich and well connected get away with their crimes but the little people pay for it all.

  6. “Pot tourism in Cornwall, I like the sound of that”. Dope for dope heads. A very small percentage use it for medicinal purposes. People who want to “fry” their brain cells for recreational purposes are slowly killing themselves by a slow death by drugs. To stone to care, to doped up to realize that any abuse of drugs is a sure ticked to a early grave. “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2Th 2:11-12).

    “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed” (Luke17:28-30).

  7. Here’s a suggestion for you Newton. If you don’t want to use the weed, don’t. It’s pretty simple, really.

  8. Pastor Newton is absolutely right and we are living like in the days of Lot and we will pay for everything that is going on today of same sex marriage, abortions, legalized drugs and I can go on and on and on but God is going to make people pay mighty dearly for their actions. There were two towns in Israel known as Sodom and Gamorah and they no longer exist because of their sins and yes God punished the people and he will continue to do just that. Ottawa is no longer the city that we once knew and full of crime and all you hear are fires, gun fire on homes, etc. What a huge difference in the society today and things were bad enough in past years but today it is something else. I wouldn’t want to raise young children today at all because years ago was bad enough.

  9. Jules, even you should know that if we form public policy (laws) based on an ancient book of fairy-tales, we will be in big trouble.

  10. Furtz your “ancient book of fairy tales” happens to be real whether you believe in it or not. I was never taught the Bible except for certain passages like a cathechism and those of you who are Protestant and taken the Bible were lucky to have learned it. What is going on today is all in the Bible and I don’t tell you lies. Pastor Newton is not telling you a lie at all and if he wanted to tell you fibs he could be a good writer at fairy tales but instead he is telling you the truth. About marijuana (mary jane) or hashish even Margaret Trudeau said that it was very bad for young people below the age of 21 because it does destroy the brain cells and she should know. Weed is ok for people who are dying so as to help alleviate some of the discomfort but it is not a cure all at all for anyone.

  11. Legalize it and tax it. Look at the facts on cannabis from 2016 and not from 1930’s.

  12. I agree with Marc tax it.

    Just like alcohol but the outcome will be way less deadly.

  13. The cannabis being sold by the dispensaries is not safe. The cannabis coming from LP’s such as Tweed Inc., Tweed Farms, Bedrocan, et al is tested for mold etc. The source that is supplying the illegal cannabis (Black market, Grey market) to the dispensaries are illegal grow operations who do not pay tax. The government refuses to enforce the the law in B.C. and in Ontario. Toronto has numerous dispensaries/compassion centres. Now the nations capital is part of the equation as well. Like Justin said this is 2016. No more rules.

  14. The solution – let the government get a good chunk of money in taxes, and then let them legalize it. Everybody is happy! It is like we are bribing a bigger junkie so that the government will turn a blind eye. We are like spoiled brats that demand the enjoyment of our vices. The Bible does say that sin, vices, iniquity brings pleasure -” enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season” (Heb. 11:25). It is only for a “season” – paid day comes – “for the wages of sin is death”. It is said of alcohol – Pro 20:1 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise”.

    Do you know what happens after the government gives us what we want, and society on a whole is to stone to figure it out – marshal law! Liberalism, then Socialism, and then Communism – 1,2,3, it’s that easy. It could happen over night! You know how the motto goes – “eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we die”.

    Remember, the New World Order is on its way. The Antichrist is pictured in the Scriptures as a ferocious beast, I wonder why? “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled” (Rev 17:17).

  15. Jules, believe whatever you want. Just don’t expect anyone else to buy into it.

  16. While dispensary operators here in Vancouver maybe pushing the proverbial legal envelop in regards to their “retail stores”, what these dispensaries offer is a safe atmosphere, a reliable source with well informed staff. Isn’t this a better alternative than making a deal in some back alley hookup or with some unscrupulous individual?
    Yes, more can be done to improve and expand upon the whole cannabis issue with reliable retail outlets being one of the top priorities. A ‘certificate of analysis’ will certainly go a long way in protecting the consumer knowing that the product passes stringent industry standards. The ‘green seal of approval’ was promoted as part of the ‘BC Doctrine’ which was presented during Vancouver Public Hearings re: Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries A case in point, even in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in California, the only option for a ‘recreational user’ is to see “420 Dave” who usually hangs at some corner or in a bar throughout the Triangle or in any of our communities.
    It may even be argued that Sec. 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (SECURITY of the PERSON), maybe interpreted as providing for the establishment & protection of these dispensaries and the individuals right to use them…would any reasonable government knowingly subject an individual to potential harm and danger? ..This is exactly what we the people are subjected to when the only option is to hookup with a “420 Dave” or some other unreliable source.
    What these dispensaries offer is reliability & convenience. In the states of Oregon, Washington and Colorado respectively, all one has to do is present valid ID proving their age of majority (21) and a person can purchase their desired product(s), plus pay a 25% recreational tax levy.

    I have recently returned from a two week roadie which took me from Vancouver to LA, with many points of interest in between including going deep into the Emerald Triangle. This adventure offered me the opportunity to see first hand both the positives and pitfalls that these respective states policies have had upon society in regards to both recreational & medicinal use of cannabis. I have met with officials and advocates from all spectrums of the argument but most importantly, from parents and love ones…while America has embraced cannabis as a tax revenue stream, what lacks both here in Canada and in the US is a pronounced lack of vapour lounges where the consumer may medicate/meditate/recreate both discreetly and respectfully.
    All-in-all the Dutch seem to have the best system in regards to ‘Coffee Shops’ and the development of harm reduction/avoidance programs. What I have learned from my visits to Ottawa is this, the Liberals will de-criminalize/legalize weed sometime before the next federal election. They adamantly maintain limiting access to cannabis to only the 25 LP’s here in Canada. My greatest fear is that Big Business will do to marijuana what Big business has done to tobacco…
    In short, it is imperative that, we the people dictate to Government what we want or else Government will dictate to US what they want. The core issue pertaining to Cannabis is Freedom of Choice and access to a safe, un-adulterated product. 🙂

  17. Oh, you can believe it. If and when the Liberals make marijuana legal you can bet they’re going to tax it to the hilt. Then you can add in provincial taxes and then municipal bylaws and taxes.

  18. Furtz what Pastor Newton just said is absolutely right on. The New World Order is now as its beginning stages but people are way too blind to see. People are too busy getting stoned one way or another and having fun like they did in the days of Lot and then all hell broke loose on them. The anti christ is real and he will be demonically possessed. All this is coming and so much more. You will find all this to be true and Furtz and folks when this happens think about what your Jules said as well as Pastor Newton because we are not telling you lies.

    Can you imagine all those driving stoned. In tiny Cornwall a woman was killed by two negligent drivers the other day – what kind of stupidity is this. My son told me the same about what he saw years ago on 11th street where a car going fast went onto the sidewalk – a lot of people in Cornwall must be drunk or stoned or both. This is a terrible society to live in these days and not one that I want to be a part of.

    Can you picture the conscience of those men who killed that woman on Brookdale Avenue yesterday while she was on the sidewalk? I couldn’t live with myself if I took someone’s life. Nobody who has a conscience of any kind could live with what they did. It has nothing to do with Brookdale Avenue but has to do with those who are behind the wheel. A vehicle is a weapon like a gun or anything else – you are the murderers behind the wheel.

  19. Hugger, if and when it’s legalized, most people will just grow their own.

  20. A funny thing came to my mind a while ago picturing Furtz selling the weed and at the same time having himself a good smoke with the rest. LOL LOL. Ottawa is insane as it stands can I picture Furtz in that store and anybody like him. The only thing that I would do with the weed is turn it into rope which is strong and that’s it. I did see a pair of socks one time made from hemp being sold at a men’s store here in Ottawa and I said to my husband a person can smoke their socks. LOL LOL.

  21. Pastor Tom, you are citing some interesting biblical sayings. If god created earth and everything on it why would cannabis even be here, if its so bad ? Medical studies, and there are alot coming out on cannabis lately, show facts on its benefits for people suffering. The frying of brains stigma is just that. Why don’t you love the plant your god gave to humanity ?, To me, your comments are hypocritical, and typical propaganda on this subject from the church. This plant, cannabis, will save our planet, not destroy it. IT should be free and given back to the people.

  22. Pastor you are absolutely right and martial law is coming when the next false flag happens or not long after that. The people (sheeple) like to get hit with high taxes and they like ot stay high where they cannot face life’s problems but they will all pay the price very soon. Communism will soon follow as well. We have a terrible bunch of people (sheeple) today and I don’t want to live in this society.

  23. Daver, the talking snake planted the cannabis and other nasty stuff to tempt us sinners into a life of debauchery and lustful fun. Don’t you know that?

  24. With respect to “edibles”…

    Gen 1:29
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    Gen 1:30
    And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

  25. David – I have posted before that I am not against the regulated medical use of marijuana. The wholesale legalization of pot for recreational uses will greatly destroy our society on a whole, that I am whole hearty against. We have enough “dope heads” from the sixties, seventies running the country already, we don’t need to step further into deterioration and pandemonium by legalizing pot across the board. Regulating our sinful vices have never improve society’s overall health – mentally, physically, and morally. Legalizing pot would further increase the overall lawlessness that we already see in society; it would increase the overall disrespect for human life, worse than it is now. It will only produce a generation of morons! Goats to blind to see, and not caring that the slaughter is coming.

    Back in the days of getting “stoned’, I smoked not to address my everyday issues in a clearer light and energy, I smoked to manufacturer a drug induced dream world that I could live in in order to cop out; so I would not have to be responsible. Being a pastor for the last 16 years here in Cornwall has proven one thing -Human nature has not changed much! If it wasn’t for the grace of God so would I be!

    Eph 5:18 “Don’t destroy yourself by getting drunk [stoned], but let the Spirit fill your life”. God’s standard for His creation – do not let any thing control you other than the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Pot controls you! Alcohol controls you! Whatever addition or sinful lifestlye that controls you is not of God, and God will never approve of it.

  26. Lassie – are you a devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ? If you are not, why quote the authority that all unbelievers hate?

  27. I see the tea leaf readers are back. This kind of stuff just has me laughing or should I say LOL ROFL?

  28. Newton, you seem to assume that everyone suffers from the same mental issues that you do. I can assure you that there are plenty of well-adjusted and productive people who enjoy the occasional toke. As I said above, if you don’t want to use it, don’t.

  29. Mr. Oldham you may think that I am kind of weird but I can say that today’s society from the 1960’s till today is morally bankrupt. Society is getting a great deal worse and even the Bible has predicted all this and don’t think that Pastor Newton is telling you any fairy tales like what Furtz comes out with. Many people have lost everything because of drugs and alcohol and we had a friend in Cornwall who is a big alcoholic and he and his ex wife cheated on the system and they could no longer get assistance. The ex wife committed suicide and is related by marriage to someone of some influence down in Cornwall. The eldest daughter went into the house and found her mother hanging in the living room. The ex wife drank as well and the children turned out bad as well. You reap what you sow. There are many many stories that I know about and this happens to be one of them. Don’t think that Pastor Newton is giving you a fairy tale and Pastor was affiliated with show business in past years and I know all about what that business is about and I see what led Pastor Newton to the Lord. All that glitters is not gold – my meaning is behind the facades is a ton of grief and money doesn’t buy happyness and in fact it only adds to the grief. There is an actor that played funny parts with Chevy Chase and he came to Canada wanting refugee status because of star wackers and he is absolutely right in what he was saying and at first I thought that he was only putting on an act but he was absolutely right and there is a hell of a lot more that I would love to reveal. Just thank the Good Lord that you are well and are yourself. There is plenty of sadness out there along with so much hardship. I like Pastor Newton very much and he is right and we see Furtz always with his jokes but believe me Pastor is absolutely right on.

  30. Jules… Sadly, some people suffer with serious mental and addiction issues. That is a fact. Happily, most people don’t.

  31. Furtz you are right about some people do suffer with mental and addiction issues. I don’t know what it is about me but I am very down to earth and the simplest things make me happy but when I see the world today torn apart in shreds I ask “what am I doing here”? Taking drugs and alcohol is not going ot make the problems go away and in fact they make things much worse. I have take a few drags from Hashish before just a few along with a few glasses of Irish Cream and I was high on both and after that I never touched Hashish at all. I am admitting that I am no saint and have done some things that I am not proud of but I do not touch drugs. I like one bottle of Irish Cream at Christmas that I share with my daughter since I don’t drink.

  32. Actually for the record this is not the first illegal dispensary to open its doors in the nations capital. It is the second. The Ottawa mayor and the Ottawa police have no appetite to upset the apple cart. With the feds not involving themselves in Vancouvers 100+ dispensaries/compassion centres the provinces have been left with the decision to enforce or not enforce the provincial laws currently on the books.

    Pastor Tom if you examine Portugal’s over a decade of experience on decriminalization of cannabis you will likely find that its model represents some of your concerns. The question is will the government of the day draw on those valuable experiences or discard them and go it alone down possibly a different path?

    Jules I do not consider you weird. I consider you concerned about the changing world around us. The fact that you have opinions is far preferably to the countless thousands of Canadians that have their heads buried in the sand (or snow).

  33. Jules Portugal’s decriminalization of cannabis lead to a mental health treatment of use approach rather than an immediate legal route (charges). A decade after implementation of this approach usage among the youth has fallen dramatically as has their perception of individuals who partake. Decriminalization has had a positive effect. I am not a proponent of outright legalization on the basis that I feel that it would not have the same societal effect.

  34. What frustrates me , is when people comment that they never touch “drugs” yet they will drink alcohol. Anyone who thinks that alcohol, is not a drug , has allowed themselves to be brainwashed. I watched my mom drink herself to death. Alcohol destroys lives, and leaves families damaged and broken. Show me one single Shattered life and destroyed family as a result of person smoking a plant please

  35. Cliff alcohol sure is a drug and that is the truth. There are a lot of people who are addicted to alcool and it does destroy families. My father was an alcoholic and destroyed his health and so did cigarettes. I don’t drink at all and only one or two glasses at Christmas of Irish Cream and that is it. I can’t drink wine since it makes me drunk on one wine glass – oh I have quite a story on tha

  36. Way back in the mid 70’s we had a wine and cheese party and I worked for the blind institute for 3 months and I had a bad reaction to wine and couldn’t see the phone dial to call my husband to pick me up and while outside I couldn’t even see him only heard him cursing and swearing to beat the band. LOL LOL. I had the blind social worker to dial the phone for me back then. No wine ever since.

  37. Of course Alcohol, like any other drug, can cause harm if taken to excess. That is why I only ever drink when I’m alone or with somebody.

  38. Mr. Oldham I only approve of marijuana for people who have cancer and such horrible diseases because a lot of people are dying or near death and may help take down their meds a little easier but it is not something to be used by the general public. This has to be monitored by a physician. I have seen my dad deteriorate because of booze and I can cry me a river of tears.

  39. Since the 1960’s era all we hear about are drugs. I have two much older sisters than myself and back in the 50’s and before that time the problem was the booze. Marijuana is as bad or about as bad as booze because it does destroy the brain cells if one uses a lot of the drug. One guy that I went to high school with was stoned every day of the week on hashish.

  40. There are always some who don’t understand it and thus put it down. Before you make negative comments about something you know nothing about, do your research.

  41. We knew people years ago who destroyed their lives on marijuana and booze and it showed us how mighty stupid a lot of people are to take drugs and destroy their bodies for no reason. I only agree with medical marijuana for people suffering of very serious diseases because they are in their last stages of life but for nobody else at all. Only medical marijuana should be legal and for nobody else.

  42. I have seen the dispensaries of marijuana on Bank Street while going by in the bus and it is one stop that I wouldn’t make. I guess that I am beyond help and love being wacky with nothing at all. LOL LOL. CFN makes me laugh a lot and that is my high. Marijuana is very dangerous and much more than people know about.

  43. People who take drugs usually start with the less harmful of marijuana and then go on to harder drugs. Banks, homes, etc. are robbed and gangs all over the streets of Ottawa and other big cities because of drugs, guns, etc. It is no fun when one has to supply their dirty habit by gang activity and other crimes.

  44. We do have the best grade of weed you can fine around. We have all the types. {MODERATED} If you wish to advertise with us feel free to email info@cornwallfreenews.com – comments are not meant to be direct business plugs.

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