9 Ottawa Police on Adm Leave After 2 Suspended for Funky Traffic Tix MARCH 8, 2016


Last November, the Ottawa Police Service Professional Standards Section (PSS) began an investigation into concerns of unsubstantiated warning tickets issued by an OPS member to the public. The allegation was that the member was entering warnings into the Records Management System without evidence or the knowledge of the driver.

To date, that investigation has resulted in two officers being suspended from duty.

PSS also proactively undertook a comprehensive audit of warning tickets issued by members in the District, Emergency Operations and Patrol Directorates. The purpose was to determine whether proper procedures were followed in the issuance of warnings.

“While the audit enabled us to determine that there were no issues related to warning tickets issued in the majority of cases; it also found evidence to warrant further investigation by PSS into the warnings issued by nine other officers,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

Those nine officers have been placed on administrative duties while the investigation continues.

Warning tickets are an important tool in traffic enforcement. They allow officers to reinforce safety messages and record the activity of drivers who have violated rules of the road.

There are clear procedures for issuing warnings and those rules must be followed. To reinforce those procedures new quality control measures have been put in place and more measures are being examined.

“I believe in the professionalism of our members and I believe in the accountability of our Service,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau. “While warning tickets do not carry a monetary fine, issuing warnings in the absence of an offence is a serious issue and it is being addressed.”


  1. I guess we should condemn the whole police service, as Jules, would do, because of a few bad apples.

  2. Hugger a few bad apples can spoil the entire bunch and it went on record that 26 young cops left Cornwall becdause of the corruption during the sex abuse scandal and they could see that everything was hidden and not to be brought to the surface for people to know the truth and they wanted no part of the entire thing and if I were in their place I would have done the same thing as well.

  3. Here in Ottawa I have seen many cops where their names were published when they did wrong and some were those of high positions. In Cornwall everything is hidden. The same with that accident on Brookdale Avenue and that was drag racing and at very high speed – it must be the children of someone known and wanting to hide everything from the public as usual which is Cornwall.

  4. Once again I say….do you have proof to back up your claims that they were racing? A lot of times traffic accident investigation results are not released unless requested by the parties involved. They are called “accidents” for a reason.

  5. Hugger it doesn’t take a genius to see how that accident happened and after being a passenger in so many vehicles that my husband drove and we go to many places everyday and we have seen these insane drivers and everyday on the road. We have seen tons of accidents by incompetents and this is what happened. Speed kills and an innocent pedestrian was murdered by these misfits.

  6. Seriously still no proof and you still say they were racing. People do not race in the middle of the day. They race at night. And knowing where the accident occurred on Brookdale it’s not hard to imagine this happened. That area is a very busy and at times confusing part of Brookdale. She was not murdered, she died as a result of an accident. As I said before they’re called accidents for a reason.

  7. Hugger I have seen drag racing here in Ottawa in both day and night and in my area it is renowned. The hoodlums are not afraid of the cops at all and since the 90’s era the cops have been asking the public for help that is how bad things are here in Ottawa. There is no safe area and a lady who works with my daughter said the same thing yesterday. Things are mighty bad day or night.

  8. For once we agree Miss Jules. The world is getting to be a scary place. I wonder if it has anything to do with parents the last couple of generations being unable to control and / or discipline their kids.

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