View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Combat Mission or Liberal BS? March 8, 2016

It has been fascinating watching the Trudeau Liberals twist and squirm over their definition of combat in Iraq. If you believe their nonsense talk points (which can only be dreamt up in a political staff meeting) our forces on the ground in Iraq are not in a combat role. The Liberals prefer to parse and define things differently. You would almost think we were the boy scouts of the Iraq mission- we train and provide intelligence- we don’t kill people.

But after today’s comments by the Chief of the Defence Staff we do know that if our troops anticipate that someone might harm them, our troops can shoot first to kill. But in Trudeau’s war, that is not combat.

You can train and lead combatants in the field and direct how your trainees are to kill the enemy- but once again in Trudeau’s war that is not combat.

You can also call in air strikes (of course not by Canadian aircraft)‎ and destroy IE kill enemy personnel- but in Trudeau’s war that is not combat.

You can provide intelligence data to coalition forces that allows them to kill enemy personnel- but in Trudeau’s war that is not combat.

I wonder what our soldiers in the field, who are putting their lives on the line every day for this Liberal noncombat mission think. Has anyone asked them if they think this is a combat mission or do they feel like they are in combat?

It sounds a lot like combat to me, but this is Trudeau’s war now. He does things differently. It always amazes me that some media types and the public buy into this Liberal BS.


  1. Another bitter former Con who can’t accept that Harpoon Harper didn’t win the election. It gets boring reading these diatribes from them.

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