Cornwall Police Charge Woman for Throwing a Lighter MARCH 24, 2016


Cornwall, ON – A 19-year-old Cornwall woman was arrested on March 23rd, 2016 and charged with assault with a weapon. It is alleged during an argument on March 23rd, 2016 the woman struck her 31-year-old boyfriend with a lighter and police were contacted to investigate. During their investigation the woman was taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing. Her name was not released as it would identify the victim in the matter.


  1. A lighter is no “match” against the CPS

  2. On the lighter side she was not charged with arson

  3. Excellent use of police resources. Based on personal experiences the CPS seem to be moving away from wasting resources on trivial matters. Great use of taxpayers money. Keep up the good work.

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