CFN WEATHER ALERT – Cornwall area SCHOOL BUSES CANCELLED Thursday March 24, 2016

The Cornwall Ontario area is bracing for what’s expected to be our last big storm.

Freezing rain and snow were expected with as much as 18cm of the white stuff possibly falling on the River City.   The storm has now been downgraded with less than 10 cm of snow expected, but rain and ice pellets will complicate traffic.


Did you take your snow tires off yet?

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  1. Really? Must be a former desert dweller in charge. Why not close the schools altogether in the winter and use the summer months. Half dozen of one six of another and the buses will be able to operate.

  2. These supposed “snow days” should be made up. There have been six in the last month. I’d say add them on to the end of the school year. They say that the lessons missed can be easily absorbed into the current school year. Maybe one day or perhaps two, but not six. Let’s be realistic. The system for determining “snow days” has to be revised. Just because the roads are bad out in the city.

  3. We are having a storm here in Ottawa and the college was cancelled for my daughter who was supposed to have her test today but will write it on Tuesday. It is the school buses that are cancelled and not the city buses because some students have kids. Where are the day care facilities for these kids instead of cancelling classes for adults – it is rediculous.

  4. Another snow day that should not have been called. This system for determining what is a snow day needs to be refined.

  5. My daughter is very upset that the college is closed and it is the only college here in Ottawa that does this stupidity. This is the school buses that stop running when it snows and we sure didn’t have much. In past years we had very freezing weather and tons of snow up to the roofs and blowing and everything kept running. Something is mighty wrong nowadays. This is very insane without a doubt

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