Ottawa Teacher JESSICA BERALDIN Charged With Sex Crime OPS April 1, 2016

Teacher charged with sex related offences involving a student


The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section has charged an Ottawa woman employed as a teacher, following an investigation into allegations that she was involved in a sexual relationship with one of her students.

The investigation revealed the relationship began while the accused was in the course of her duties as a teacher, while employed by the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

On March 31st, 2016, the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit charged Jessica BERALDIN, 30 years old, of Ottawa, with Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation and Making Sexually Explicit Material Available to a Child.   She is scheduled to appear in court this morning.

Investigators are concerned there could be more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5944


  1. Surprise, surprise. Why is it female teachers think they can get away with this? Are they that stupid that they think the boy will be happy just to get laid that he won’t say anything?

  2. This isn’t the first time that I hear about a female teacher involved with her students in a sexual manner. This does go on but so much is hidden from the public along with so much more. Lately a Catholic priest was caught here in Ottawa as well. At least here in Ottawa things are brought out in the open unlike Cornwall who hides everything and sweeps it all under the rug.

  3. Yeap, bring out the broom, we sweep everything under the rug. Unlike other cities and towns that are so open about everything.

  4. In case some couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic. Yes, Cornwall does sweep some things under the rug. But so does every other town and city. Don’t think things don’t get swept under the rugs in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

  5. Hugger it took Project Truth in Cornwall to come out with some facts and still all the court system was a kangaroo court of injustice. I knew plenty of what was going on since my childhood and the church that I went to was not named nor the priests of that church except for one – yes all was and is swept under the rug in Cornwall.

  6. Author

    Maybe so Hugger, but not every community has the gov’t spend over $50M to help cover them up. Project Truth was not about pedophiles, but about the big shots who covered up for pedophiles and frankly in many ways were more guilty than those that abused children.

  7. Yes, I know what Project Truths revealed (or more appropriately didn’t reveal). My point was that other cities and towns have dirty little secrets too. Need we bring up the construction “inquiries” about towns and cities in Quebec. And the Quebec construction scandals continue to this day. Much has been revealed, but I’d say much more is hidden. Dirty little secrets are not a Cornwall exclusive.

  8. Author

    hugger you are now comparing a city/region the size of Montreal with one the size of Cornwall. You will have to admit that you live in a toxic community which has failed to deal with its challenges.

    And you also have to realize that only the low hanging fruit have been exposed. You should see what’s in my files…. The abuse of myself and CFN is not random. It’s a conspiratorial and desperate attempt to muzzle the truth.

  9. We’ll never agree on this. The size of the city is irrelevant. Some are missing my point. Dirty little secrets exist in a lot of cities and towns, no matter the size. Yes, Project Truth revealed (or didn’t, depending on perception) some of Cornwall’s dirty little secrets. Some are stuck on the past and refuse to even attempt to move forward. I’m not saying ignore the past, but try to move past it.

  10. Author

    Hugger the only one that seems to be stuck is yourself as you seem to acknowledge that crisis that is impacting Cornwall. Until an issue is resolved you can’t move forward in healthy and positive manner. All you do is send the message is that the behavior of the corruption will not be punished or stood up to which means those that would behave in that manner are Rick Shaver Like emboldened.

  11. As I said we’ll never agree on this. I am not stuck. Yes, Project Truth happened and it wasn’t the outcome wanted or needed. But if we stay stuck on the past nothing will be accomplished. Some issues are never resolved, this is probably one of them. It will never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Everyone has to deal with how they feel is best for themselves.

  12. I did not send a message that the behavior of the corruption will not be punished or stood up to. Until a community decides it has had enough dirty little secrets will continue to go unpunished. This community seems stuck where it is. This is truly sad.

  13. Author

    Hugger we haven’t stayed stuck. We’ve actually got worse in many ways. The Harbor deal will be an utter disaster unless people wake up very soon.

  14. As I said we’ll never agree. As for the harbour deal governments do not negotiate in the media. Hopefully the city learned something when the tanks went in. But I seriously doubt it. It’s perception or as a former boss used to say perception is reality. The perception is Cornwall is stuck and will stay stuck. Thus…..

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