Julie Bilotta Talks About Her New Legal Future & Justice System APRIL 1, 2016

Julie Bilotta has had a difficult journey in many ways.

After finding herself pregnant and in jail she became a National news story after giving birth to her son Gionni in the Ottawa Detention Centre in her cell which has led to legal issues for the much maligned facility. Her case is still  front of the courts and she’s represented by Power Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon.

After the tragic death of her son, she started to turn her focus to the law and changing her life.   She had the opportunity to talk to people across Canada, and was engaged to speak about and share her story.

Now Ms Bilotta is focusing on starting a career for herself in the law, and is hoping to attend school in Ottawa next Fall, and about leaving Cornwall Ontario, ending that chapter of her life.

We talked about abuse of the justice system by Crown attorney’s and the system in general.

She also shared that her son has been her inspiration and why she’s challenging herself to make her community a better place.

Julie took some time to sit down with CFN and talk one on one about this new chapter to her life.


  1. Congratulations Julie on this new chapter of your life.Where there is a will,you will always find a way

  2. Thank you Mary 🙂 It’s the best way to make things right and turn all of this around!

  3. Congratulations for wanting to turn your life around. Being down does not mean out. You can create the opportunity for yourself to not only improve your life but offer hope to others who have been on the wrong side of the law and are struggling. Follow your dream. All the best.

  4. Very uplifting for sure!
    Good luck, Julie.

  5. Julie I have never seen eye to eye with you at all but this time I can say that you are going into a new chapter in your life and I wish you the best and this is the truth. It did my family as well as myself to leave Cornwall and my children now adults are doing great compared to Cornwall. All young people have to leave Cornwall for a future. Cornwall is for senior citizens only.

  6. Jamie the jail situation here in Ottawa is deplorable and putting prisoners in shower stalls. There is going to be a huge prison system to be built out west and I have heard about this for some years now. Harper had this in his projects when he was PM and it looks like it is going through. Already they have that system out west but expanding.

  7. I wish Julie good luck as she will have to overcome a lot due to her past history.

  8. So…
    Nobody talk about the payout?
    Nobody talk about the coroner’s report?

  9. Author

    Simon Ms Bilotta has a gag order on her payout. She seems quite happy and has indulged in a garish new BMW, cosmetic makeover and posted about getting new plastic surgery.

  10. So her happiness was bought with our tax dollars. Nice, real nice. NOT!!

  11. Hell hath no fury like a boyfriend dumped penniless and with a habit… shouldn’t be long ’til she’s ratted out.

  12. Author

    Well Simon karma has a way of working out for everyone.

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