Yoga Instructor Charged with Sexual Assault in Ottawa MAY 3, 2016

Ottawa man charged with Sexual Assault


(Ottawa)— The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) Section has charged an Ottawa man following an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault.

On November 8, 2015 an adult female reported to the Ottawa Police that she believed she had been sexually assaulted. Two of three incidents occurred while the accused was instructing Yoga in the City of Ottawa.

On May 2nd Matthew HARPER, 38 years old, of Ottawa was charged with three counts of Sexual Assault. He was released on a promise to appear.

SACA investigators are concerned there could be other victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5944


  1. Yoga is the work of the devil!
    Just sayin’…

  2. Furtz I have a book here that was given to my husband about “deep relaxation” and the man (a friend of my husband) told him that deep relaxation like yoga, etc. takes you away from God and this is true. I think that you said it more as a joke but this is no joke. You have to be mighty careful with yoga and other deep relaxation methods. It looks like the devil took over in that case.

  3. Yes Jules, yoga is the work of the devil. Even my talking chicken knows that.
    Same with transcendental meditation and pole-dancing. Any activity that results in relaxation or contentment will lead a person straight to hell.

  4. Jules… You cannot be serious? Please explain how practicing yoga, is “taking you away from God”… I am very interested in your point of view, and this is true! If anything, a deep relaxation would bring you closer to god, but I’m just an atheist, what do I know? Maybe there are some good you catholic children who use yoga to forget about their “experiences” with certain members of the church!

  5. Yes Furtz these so called relaxations will send us to hell including those ouiji boards. I won’t forget the ouiji board and it told me the truth many long years ago. LOL LOL. I have a book and a few tapes here on deep relaxation and I never touched it because I know what it is all about.

  6. Jeez Jules, I forgot about the ouija boards, one of the original creations of the Devil!
    LOL LOL ROLF etc…

  7. John Satan was an angel way back when and when he went against God (the true and one real God) he – Satan was cast into hell. Today Satan is alive and well and getting into people’s minds and you wonder why this world is upside down and topsy turvy that is your answer. Ask what god are you praying to.

  8. John sex abuse goes beyond the Catholic church and the devil is in with the general public and here in Ottawa there are plenty of perverts out there if you read the papers. No deep relaxation can take away the horrors of sex abuse and there are many living testimonies out there. I know fully well about the church and its horrors and where it stems from. I can tell you plenty.

  9. Furtz a neighbor of my parents had a ouiji board and we used to play that and so much came up true. Another friend of mine played “tarrot cards” and her dad was sick and she thought that he would die but instead she pulled up the death card and a friend of hers died in quick sand outside of Cornwall. These things are not to play with – they are of the devil.

  10. Jules, I pray to no god, since there is none. Watch the movie “Zeitgeist”. It goes into great detail on the origins of religion, and even the Rockefellers that I know you are a HUGE fan of LOL. Eye opening film!

  11. Jules, white pickup trucks are the devil’s creation as well. My neighbour bought one last summer, and the very same day his uncle in Vancouver was run over and killed by a city bus! And that’s the truth.

  12. John I have heard of the movie Zeitgeist but I didn’t watch it and I am not a huge fan of you know who but have and sometimes listen to some of the news mainly about Trump, etc. but not much more. All religions are based on ancient pagan Baal and there are other names given for the same in different countries. There are temples of Baal being constructed in big cities around the world today.

  13. John I was baptised as an RC and in past years I had no religion of any belief until my elder years and that is the truth. My dad was Anglican and mom RC and there were problems in the household when mom would put up religious pictures and dad would go in an uproar and rip them off the wall. I had no belief in past years but I can attest that I sure do have belief today.

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