Why Hab PK Subban Will be Traded to Edmonton by Jamie Gilcig JUNE 23, 2016

Tick Tock, tick tock.  July 1st is coming fast, but what’s coming faster is the NHL draft.

While there are many arguments that can be made about trading any player PK Subban is an interesting case.

For whatever reason he’s had a bit of a rough ride in Montreal.

In a CAP world when you pull in the Benjamins that PK is slated to get you have to put up; which many feel he’ll have no problems doing.

There are about a dozen franchise type Norris contenders in the league.  PK is one of them.

In trades they say that team that gets the best player is the winner.   If PK is traded that team will win.

But sometimes circumstances can tilt windmills.

There is one obvious play at the moment.

The Edmonton Oilers are desperate for a real front line defender.  Rich in forwards they have rebuilt their d Core,but have no player comparable to Subban.

They do have the 4th overall draft pick which is about the territory that Pierre Luc Dubois will be selected.  At 17 he’s already a big body (already listed as 6’2 205) with a world of promise and he’s a pure laine Ste. Agathe boy.

Marc Bergevin and the Habs marketing team have to be bursting at the thought of getting a true Quebecois franchise player.

Unlike Vinny Lecavlier, reports on Dubois are that he might not mind being a Hab?

Dubois and Galchenyuk down the middle?  Can you say PK who?

The Oiler 4th, Nail Yakupov  (to play again with Galchenyuk) and if Habs GM is really talented, someone like Darnell Nurse, for PK and the 9th over all pick and maybe get the Oilers to take David Desharnais,  would make Hab fans mighty happy.

Personally I’d rather try and get Matt Duchesne and Tyson Barrie off of Colorado, but players like Dubois are the stuff of glory for the Habs, and all then yakking about best player really goes out the window.

Montreal has not had a “Flying Frenchman” in quite awhile.    It just might be time.   It all depends on how the draft goes down.

What do you think Habs fans?  If Bergy can land Dubois would you be ordering your new Habs jersey?

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  1. I’m hearing Vancouver.

  2. Author

    Edmonton picks before Vancouver and doesn’t really have any other assets that would fit in a trade. Montreal isn’t going to give up Subban for just the draft pick and if they did it would show the desperation to nab a play like Dubois.

  3. Do you see anyone going to Edmonton willingly?

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