Marc Bergevin Gets a B- on Draft Night 2016 SHAW & SERGACHEV Join Habs JUNE 25, 2016

Two 2nd round picks for Andrew Shaw?   Really?  Habs GM opened up the draft with a splash sending Lars Eller to the Caps for two future 2nd pics from the Caps.    Eller, one of the larger bodies on the Habs that has play off cred took a lot of heat for the failings on a team that had much bigger issues.

Two second round picks, even late round pics as Washington finishes at the top of the pack are not the worst return.

Shaw, known to be a homophobic pest is due for a pay raise said to be in the $4-4.5M range.   If that turns out to be his cap hit trading two second round picks for him doesn’t pass the stink test as at best he’s a lower echelon second line player.    The team got smaller with this move. David Desharnais is still on the squad, and anyone that believes that Philip Daneault is a solution….well.

PK Subban was a second round pick, and it left Montreal with no 2nd rounders in a deep draft.

Columbus nailed Montreal by selecting Pierre Luc Dubois with the 3rd overall which not too many had predicted could happen.

Not sure if Bergy tried to pry him from the Blue Jackets prior to his selection at the 9 spot or not, but it certainly voided a Subban trade at the draft table in round one.

The Habs did select an Andrei Markov replacement in Mikhail Sergachev.     I actually really like this pic.   He’s big and brutal with a flair shown so far to rack up points.    However this was not the Habs priority need.    Ottawa gave up a 3rd to trade up big Centre Logan Brown which also filled a big need for the Sens.     Perchance the Habs feel they can land a big centre this year via trade or Free Agency?

The Subban talk has been almost as hot as the Stamkos chatter.    Bergevin has refused to simply say he’s not trading Subban and now focus will turn to Colorado as the potential for a trade with the Habs still is hot with centre Matt Duchene still a possible fit for Montreal.

Then again it might be more of the same ol same ol in Hab Town.

What do you think Hab fans?  Were you happy with the team’s opening night of the draft?  You can post your comments below.

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