Toronto Child Drowns at Constance Bay Beach Ottawa AUG 8, 2016 #OPS



(Ottawa) — Ottawa Emergency Services were alerted to a possible child drowning on the Ottawa River at the Constance Bay Beach in the area known as the point. In this area the gradual sloping sand suddenly drops off to a depth of approximately 15 feet with swift moving current. A family from the Toronto area were visiting relatives and were enjoying the beach area. A 10 year old resident of Toronto and his older brother separated from the group and began walking out further into the river. The child slipped into the deep fast moving water and began to have difficulties.

His elder brother attempted to assist him but too ran into difficulties, as neither were strong swimmers. As the elder brother was rescued the 10 year old child was observed slip beneath the water. Efforts to locate the child failed. At 22:30 hours this date the child was recovered deceased by the Ottawa Police Dive Team. At this time the name of the deceased is not being released pending completion of the Regional Coroner’s Investigation. Ottawa Police West District Investigation is conducting a parallel investigation.

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