Fire Strikes Montreal Road Apartment in Cornwall Ontario AUG 21, 2016

Fire struck an apartment building at the corner of Alice st and Montreal road.

fire niteA witness stated that the fire was started by a BBQ  around 8 pm Saturday night on the east side of Alice st South side of Montreal road in Cornwall Ontario.

fire aftermathNo reports of injury as of press time.

cornwall fire AUG 20 16
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  1. The account of the BBQ is inaccurate. I live at that building in a unit on the top floor. There was a bbq on the balcony but was not in use.

  2. A b-b-q? That’s why most municipalities stating b-b-q’s are NOT allowed on balconies.

  3. Hugger is right and I sent the same message to Jamie a while ago. Here in Ottawa BBQ’s are not allowed on balconies. The only BBQ that is accepted is a small electric BBQ for condos and apartments and we have one that we used only once. BBQ’s have been the source of a number of fires in Cornhole. Cornhole has no laws at all.

  4. Laws are one thing. Whether the citizens obey those laws are something else.

  5. Jules Cornwall most certainly has laws similar to most communities. The problem therefore is not laws but rather the people that the laws were designed to protect and serve. Arguably the problem with Cornwall is not the buildings, infastructure or administration it is systemic to its inhabitants. It will eventually change because it is not sustainable.

  6. Regardless of just how the blaze started an individual and others have been affected and must deal with the consequences. Only a callous individual would not be sympathetic to their plight unless they were involved in criminal activity.

  7. When we lived in Cornhole we were so mighty quiet that the supers didn’t even know that we were there but family that belonged to management made life a living hell for us – these people didn’t know what civilization was about at all. We have always lived a quiet lifestyle unlike the life that the vast majority live like down in Cornhole. The sheeple were not used to seeing civilization in actio

  8. Here in Ottawa we have tenant insurance as well as insurance on our car. We have a lease and everything is stated in that lease what we can or cannot do. One tenant had a sofa on his balcony and the owner told him to get rid of it and he had no choice but to follow orders and he did just that. Any disturbance and a tenant is out on their keesters.

  9. Leases, as Jules, points out, can be very restrictive. But also they are to set rules. What landlord wants a couch, etc. on balconies? It makes the apartment building look run down and hard to rent to quality tenants.

  10. You cannot put up awnings here on the balcony or anything that can be seen and we are on the top floor that I nickname “the penthouse” I laugh about it. When tenants bring junk it lowers the standard of a place. I have plants out on the balcony just a few and they don’t show at all from the street and that is the way it should be. The owner’s sister lives on the 5th floor. She knows everything

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