Sunday Sip n Scoop Break in Possible Hate Crime SEPT 12, 2016

Local eatery SIP n Scoop, located in the Seaway Village Plaze on Brookdale & Vincent Massey is closed after a horrific break in which has some suggesting that it may be a hate crime.

The family run business awaits permission to return to the store and have their insurance appraise the damage after Cornwall police have finished their investigation.

A source from the store stated:

The police did say all our product was splattered over the floor, and product is contaminated so everything has to be thrown out. Clorox bleach was over the floor maybe on our product too, product was on the floor (bubble tea jellies, powder, syrups) – Ice Cream machine was turned off, so all the ice cream was melted.sip-1 The soft serve machine was tampered with. All cash was stolen, cash register was broken, cash safe was broken as well.  Decoration was all over the floor, vases were broken, glassware was broken too. This happened early morning Sunday. We found out at 11 AM when we went to open the store.

Reps from the store were essentially in shock and hope to reopen as soon as possible.    This is the second incident against the family run business.   The excessive damage put the incident in a light beyond a simple robbery.

sip-3CCPS have not responded to our CFN query before press time.  We will update as more information becomes available.

If you have info on this or any other incident email

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  1. I looked up to see who owned this business and I agree a hate crime. Cornhole is not fit to have anybody make a business down there and my husband knows about racism since he experienced it in Cornhole. Never ever again to be seen in that hole of a town. Nobody wants to go to Cornhole and make a business nor live there. I can tell you plenty.

  2. Why the suggestion that this was a hate crime? Hate over what? In private home break ins thieves have left substantial messes including defecating/urinating on the floors. An unfortunate situation however we know that there is insurance and that the business will be likely up and running again in short order. No drama here.

  3. I read in one of the toilet papers of record in Cornhole that one of the owners Shoresh received hateful messages and like I said this is a hate crime. I spoke about it with my family and we have never forgotten the horrors of Cornhole. I would never tell someone to make a business nor live in Cornhole at all whatsoever. You lose everything in that dirty town.

  4. In all seriousness, Jules’ relentless and asinine comments trashing Cornwall are killing this site. Not too long ago there were actually some interesting discussions and comments here. Not so anymore. Too bad.

  5. Author

    With all due respect Furtz CFN just set two monthly traffic records. Our traffic is up. And although our comments could be better at least you can comment on CFN 🙂

    PS! When are we going for a beverage? Email me 🙂

  6. Furtz some people may dislike or hate what I write about Cornhole and I am saying the truth and not hiding a single iota of how I feel. Cornhole is mighty racist and we experienced that ourselves while living in Cornhole. We contacted the BFPD and they did absolutely nothing and here in Ottawa there are laws against racism. Gee it seems that while I am on the rates go up.

  7. I agree with Furtz. The relentless and asinine comments trashing Cornwall are killing this site. Look at how many people comment now. There are not very many. It’s find and dandy not to like Cornwall. But the continual assault on Cornwall is unwarranted. We get it Jules you don’t like Cornwall. No need to continually repeat the same thing over and over. Some of us like it here.

  8. Author

    Hugger you should see Jules comments that don’t make it through!

  9. If these are the comments that make it through I can imagine what gets rejected

  10. Jamie they haven’t seen anything and even things that I wish to tell you that haven’t been posted. There is something about me and that is I don’t give a hoot and I say it like it is and tell the truth. I haven’t threatened anyone who used to post at all and that is the honest to God’s truth. People who wish to post can to so if they wish. I tell the truth whether people like it or not.

  11. Not sure when I’ll ever get to Cornwall Jamie. Sounds like a pretty scary place.
    Jules, when people consider their own opinions to be the absolute truth, there’s no discussion possible. Being open to new / different ideas or points of view makes for intelligent discourse and debate. You shut down any chance of intelligent discussion by claiming to know “The Truth”. A closed mind is a wasted mind.

  12. Furtz Cornhole sure is a scary place but one thing for sure it is so mighty corrupt and backward that I cannot even begin to describe it. You get more entertainment from the grave yards than you do in Cornhole. I know I am originally from that hole in the ground and I haven’t returned in well over a year now and will never return there ever again not even for the shortest visit on record.

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