Sunday Sip n Scoop Break in Possible Hate Crime SEPT 12, 2016

Sunday Sip n Scoop Break in Possible Hate Crime SEPT 12, 2016

Local eatery SIP n Scoop, located in the Seaway Village Plaze on Brookdale & Vincent Massey is closed after a horrific break in which has some suggesting that it may be a hate crime.

The family run business awaits permission to return to the store and have their insurance appraise the damage after Cornwall police have finished their investigation.

A source from the store stated:

The police did say all our product was splattered over the floor, and product is contaminated so everything has to be thrown out. Clorox bleach was over the floor maybe on our product too, product was on the floor (bubble tea jellies, powder, syrups) – Ice Cream machine was turned off, so all the ice cream was melted.sip-1 The soft serve machine was tampered with. All cash was stolen, cash register was broken, cash safe was broken as well.  Decoration was all over the floor, vases were broken, glassware was broken too. This happened early morning Sunday. We found out at 11 AM when we went to open the store.

Reps from the store were essentially in shock and hope to reopen as soon as possible.    This is the second incident against the family run business.   The excessive damage put the incident in a light beyond a simple robbery.

sip-3CCPS have not responded to our CFN query before press time.  We will update as more information becomes available.

If you have info on this or any other incident email

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