Clinton Trump Debate Shows Deplorable State of US Politics by Jamie Gilcig SEPT 27, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – I watched the debate between US Presidential candidates Hilary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump.

It was not the reality show gore fest that many were expecting.   It wasn’t very entertaining or informative.    I don’t think it ultimately will change the voter turn out or results.   It did highlight a few things for this Canuck that went to school in the US, and considers the World’s greatest Super Power as a second home, and at times a first one.

Hilary has bigger hands than Trump.

Trump is not a seasoned experienced politician nor debater.   He actually exceeded expectations with me except for the one exception where he rambled about 400 pound guys writing from their basements.     That seemed odd as I’m sure that’s a demographic that is more likely to vote for Donald.

Hilary seemed to be spending so much time focusing on appearing Presidential than actually shredding Trump and improving her chance to actually get elected.  For her to be so close to Trump in the polls is clearly a sign of weakness when it comes to her campaign.

Both candidates spoke to their people and stayed close to the messages.

What many are missing is that part of Trump’s appeal is to people who have been left out of the political system, and in 2016 there are an awful lot of those people, both Democrats and Republicans.

The Clinton attacks on Trump are actually helping Trump.    His life is public mostly and there are very few surprises and secrets to roll while Clinton herself has had many revealed.

Compared to Mr. Bush Trump actually is articulate and proposes actual ideas.    While many reasonable Americans probably wouldn’t agree with building fences along the Mexican border Trump is actually an elevation over Bush.

It’s sad that most visible minorities side with the Democrats as the days of Kennedy are long gone.     The gun lobby should not be having the impact it’s having in this race.

All politicians lie.  It’s how they get caught that nails them.

The sad part is that if these two are the best that the US can come up with to be head of state what does that say about the state itself?

When the United States has a cold Canada and other countries end up buying case loads of tissues.    The result on this hot mess will lead in this writer’s opinion to some record purchases of 3 ply.

At the end of the day this election should be of concern to the entire World as it will effect us all.

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What do you think my fellow Canucks?   Who scares you more?  Trump or Clinton?

The answer to the question of who won the first debate isn’t as relevant as to who lost.    That answer sadly is all of us.

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Photo credit:  Marc Nozell


  1. Deplorable state of U.S. politics? How about politics in general?

  2. There is apparently growing agreement that Canada would do better economically with a Trump administration. Another 4 years of Democrats would likely simply bring the total to 12 years of nothing. Obama is a failed president and Hillary is pumping the usual political sunshine up American asses. Nothing + nothing = nothing! Hugger1 I agree, widespread.

  3. Obama is a failed president?
    Alrighty, then..

  4. Things are a great deal worse than what most of you know about and no matter who gets in there is going to be a “Global Economic Depression” yes with the BIG D. Europe is in mighty big trouble financially and Chancellor Merkel does not intend to bail out the banks in Germany. Don’t be shocked to hear of an EMP attack. I can picture the sheeples mouths open wondering what that is. Look it up.

  5. We are living in Satan’s world order and you will live to see mighty horrible things to come. EMP has to do with our electricity – the US will be hit and will affect our Canada as well. I have been hearing about this for a long time now and heard it again this morning and no NOT Alex Jones so relax. Hillary should be in prison for what she and Bill did.

  6. Without electricity there is no water either and no cooking, etc. Since a long time we were all warned to stock up on food. In Germany and Czechoslovakia the governments warned the people to get at least 10 days of food, water, etc. No this was not from Alex Jones either but someone a great deal more credible (I should say at least 3 people more credible). Something big is going to happen.

  7. Politics stinks and soon on November 23 it will be the anniversary that JFK was murdered and not by Lee Harvey Oswald that I know. People were fed so many lies throughout the many long years and we are all more than fed up of everything. Obama is mighty evil and if only you people knew. Brown shirts do you know what that is – Hitler and his murderers. That is what Obama is and more.

  8. One more thing that I want to add here – don’t think that we have good politics here in Canada either. If you only knew what is really going on you would all be on Parliament Hill to string up all who are there Justin, his MP’s and all. Justin has an MP who says that she is from Afghanistan and all the time from Iran and wants to take her citizenship away – he made that stupid mistake.

  9. Can you imagine what Justin is letting into Canada about the Syrians and others when he had no idea what country his MP was from? Come on folks and use your good judgement. When I went into the government there were papers to fill out to find out who I was and this idiot Justin knew nothing about this MP? This is completely nuts to the core. Canada is finished.

  10. If any of you know nothing about the New World Order it is no conspiracy – it is in your Bibles. God predicted that and told us about the NWO and it is going to happen and already began with the European Union. There will be no individual countries and it will be a life of hell on earth for a good 4 or 7 years and so much more. It is in the Book of Daniel etc.

  11. Don’t stop now Jules… You’re on a roll!

  12. Jules Jules Jules… I have no words. One can only hope the Spaghetti Monster can turn you into a pastafarian so you can forget the things YOU have been BRAINWASHED with. May mozzarella cleanse your soul.

  13. Furtz the following is a short list of Obama’s accomplishments;

  14. Moi? A pastafarian – not in your life nor any life after. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaai and Jacob and no other. LOL LOL. Furtz is a riot and he can keep his pastafarian. I can only eat so much pasta no matter how good it tastes. I had a spaghetti dish this week and today I put macaroni pieces in soup with rice.

  15. Lots and lots of people are bent out of shape because a black man was president for eight years. Racism is alive and well, especially within the conservative crowd.

  16. And Canada’s situation is beyond deplorable!! – another secret raise for MPP’s, Premier Wynne saying Hydro rate increases worth it – while it has come to “heat or eat” for many poor slaves of Ontario, and what can be said of Patrick Brown – a real red/turn coat. Now that is just local, in Ontario. May I mention a few words for our fearless leader – Prime Minister Justin “Dudley-Do Wrong” – $$$$$$

  17. And Canada’s situation is beyond deplorable!! Worse than deplorable because we as Canadians, we as Ontarians glory in our advanced, political achievements. As long as we are not like those Americans, cross the border! Well, we are not like those Americans, we are worse, and we glory in it, and love it to be so!

  18. Patrick Brown is a strange one indeed. While a federal MP, he was an anti-gay social conservative who was adored by bible-thumping bigots and groups like Focus on the Family. Now, he attends Pride events not as a protester, but as a supporter.

  19. Author

    Furtz Patrick wouldn’t be the first gay conservative, no? The question is that if he is gay, which there’s nothing wrong with, will he come out of the closet before the next election and what impact will that have in his party?

  20. I don’t think Brown would survive politically if he ventured out of the closet. He’s on awfully thin ice already with his social conservative base. Once again, the Cons chose a loser for a leader.

  21. Furtz.. ever consider that spreading false information helps establish the roots of racism? Liberalism in its quest for purported equally has become the breeding ground for racism & prejudice by continually promoting certain people as “special” or granting specific requests for some while denying others on the very same issues. Consider the public school system in Toronto as a case in point.

  22. David, false information?

  23. I give you all my word that I will not vote for Brown nor for Winnie the Poo or any of this kinds of idiots. I will put Fitzie the dog’s name down on paper to destroy the ballot and I give you my word that is what I will do. None of those turkeys are any good so that is what I will do.

  24. And yet you refuse to be involved in helping to make things better.

  25. Jules, a few months ago you were a big fan of Patrick Brown’s.
    What happened? He might be gay?

  26. Hugger you cannot make things better when you have terrible candidates with terrible policies and morals. This morning I went to get material and everyone agreed with me about Justine. My daughter was with me. Justine may have seen his last.

  27. By avoiding voting you are making the situation worse. Good candidates will not come forward if people don’t vote.

  28. Hugger all we see are the worst people coming forward as candidates. One year I had a funny, crazy, insane dream of becoming mayor of Cornhole and I woke up laughing so much that I literally had a hard time standing. No politics is not in me and I leave that to my wonderful Jamie. The people of Cornhole have to change their ways or nothing good will get done.

  29. The US is in a deplorable state and don’t be shocked to see a Civil War happen. Everyone is pulling in different directions and when the economy collapses and there are no jobs, no food on the store shelves, etc. people will be mighty hungry and will fight for food, etc. This is all coming sooner than you think including WWIII.

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