The U.S. is demonstrating almost effortlessly how illusory is the idea that any other country or group of countries can challenge its pre-eminence Almost indiscernible in the endless tumult about President Donald Trump is the objective return of American might, right on our doorstep. A casual sampler of the Canadian,Continue Reading

An instant industry has developed in Canada about how to adjust to a Trump presidency, as if the nature of the United States has metamorphosed instantly and unrecognizably. Almost all of this concern is unnecessary. Donald Trump has never expressed any grievances against Canada, and his limited experiences here, fromContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I watched the debate between US Presidential candidates Hilary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. It was not the reality show gore fest that many were expecting.   It wasn’t very entertaining or informative.    I don’t think it ultimately will change the voter turn out or results.Continue Reading