2016 US Election The Ugly & Uglier by Jamie Gilcig #uspoli MARCH 17, 2016

Hark you say.   What the heck is a Canuck doing weighing into US politics, but this Canuck has lived and gone to school in the US.     And as most Canadians know when the US passes Gas we know what it had for dinner.

This election has turned into a nasty bit of business.

The Republican (akin to Canada’s Conservatives with more guns) race has veered way past Tea Party time in many ways.

Who owns front runner Donald Trump?   Who knows?  It probably though isn’t the same people (Koch Bros. & friends) who push the Tea Party agenda.    With Ted Cruz fading hard Mr. Trump literally has the ticket sewn up.

While many have compared his campaign and himself to Hitler, and the Nazis it really and simply been a refinement of the strangeness of what politics have turned into.

In a society where rarely people are held accountable facts go out the window.  (see the last banking scandal and bailouts)    It doesn’t really matter what any politician actually says or does any longer, but what twitter streams of their actions.

It’s a scary, frightening, and a cannibalistic slope that ultimately will lead to situations that again, people will not be held accountable for.

They say you get the government you deserve, and in this case it looks like years of strangeness in the land of Republicans is coming home to roost.

As bad a candidate as Mr. Trump may or may not be we know that Democratic front runner Hilary Clinton is worse.

Ms Clinton is not her husband.   She’s essentially a corporate shill who if she gains the nomination will guarantee a President Trump.    While Vermonter Bernie Sanders is behind her right now, if he were to win the nom he clearly would beat Trump in an election.

Because deep down people  are ugly and rarely intelligent.   We vote with the same sophistication we swallow advertising, and social media guidance as scary as that sounds.

It’s not really a right or left race.  It’s not about Socialism, Conservatism.  It’s not even about money at the end of the day.    It’s a control battle that the American public is struggling with.

That struggle is rooted in the frustration and having to live from cheque to cheque as far too many in what should be the World’s richest country.    Some of the 99% are actually frustrated enough to want to change the status quo.

From guns, to foreign wars, racism, and a cultural identity that seems lost; this election will be a defining moment for the United States more than just about any other since its own Civil War.

America and the World are in crisis and American’s will decide who best will be elected to navigate essentially all of our futures.

Who do you think becomes the next US President MARCH 2016

  • Donald Trump (44%, 72 Votes)
  • Hilary Clinton (41%, 68 Votes)
  • Bernie Sanders (15%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 164

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  1. This is going to be interesting if Trump and Clinton face off. Nothing will guarantee either candidate the presidency. Having Clinton run will not guarantee Trump will win, just like having Trump run will not guarantee Clinton will win. American politics is weird at best.

  2. Author

    Hugger I’ll have to disagree. Hilary would lose to Trump in a NY Minute.

  3. American Democratic supporter may like Sanders but the Dems establishment is backing Clinton big time with all these “superdelegates”.. Hilary Clinton is being forced on the American public. With her secret email server and years of accumulated slime people will vote for Trump in protest the same way we voted Anybody but Harper and PM Selfie won by default.

  4. As Slimy as Clinton is, at least she isn’t a raving fool. Imagine Trump (or Cruz) with his finger on the nuclear button. It’s kinda fun to watch Republican Party imploding like this.

  5. I wouldn’t doubt that there would be murders over all of this. I will never forget the day of the murder of JFK in 63 (I was 13 years old) as well as the murder of Bobby Kennedy in 68 and again I remember that so well. All what the government told us was a lie. Nothing has changed at all and with the insane society of today things are a great deal worse. I am expecting big trouble in the US.

  6. We’ll see. Politics is strange. And strange things can and will happen.

  7. Hugger, both the GOP front-runners are certifiable nut-bars. Let’s hope that whoever wins the election will have to submit to a series of psychiatric assessment before assuming power.

  8. One of Donald Trump’s sons was sent white powder in the mail and that is how evil people can be. Can’t they leave the children alone and he has great children that he and his first wife Ivana have raised very well. Leave the political stage to the politicians. I am all for Trump and the man is right. Some Muslims are supporting him as well.

  9. I have listened to experts since a number of years now saying that Hillary Clinton is insane and I can see that fully well myself without being an expert. If you all knew about the things that she did you would all (without a doubt) turn your backs on her. None of the candidates are 100% normal and we all know Trump since many years and I get quite a kick out of him.

  10. Hmmmm…
    Trumps says there’ll be riots in the street if he’s denied the Republican Party nomination. Frickin’ Hitler’s Brownshirts all over again.
    For all of Trumps loyal Brownshirts out there, remember… there’s a night of the long knives awaiting you.

  11. Experts? According to whom? If I was reading the “experts” Jules was referring to I’d question their credentials.

    Riots in the streets? I seriously doubt it. He has a mighty high opinion of himself. Too bad no one else does.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if his worshipers rioted in the streets.
    They are a pretty demented bunch.

  13. There is already riots in the streets in the US but you all don’t read everything like what I do. This is hardly the beginning of what is yet to come. You may see the burning of cities like what happened during the 60’s era and people in the US are crazy enough to do these things. Many know the real truth about the wars, economy, etc. and the racism, terrorism and who supports it.

  14. There is so much that you don’t know and that is if Hillary gets in she will put Bill into one of the highest positions at the United Nations. Obama wants the same thing for himself. Joe Biden is like a ghost behind the elections and he is running in a ghost kind of way and I was listening to all of this. Most likely that he too will have a huge post if Hillary gets elected.

  15. Theories are one thing, reality is what counts.

  16. Job creation foreign policy illegal immigration terrorism Trump.
    Climate change BLM Moveon.Org planned parenthood Clinton
    I’ll take Trumo even if he is a jerk.

  17. The U.S. is heading down a path it shouldn’t go with either Trump or Clinton. IMHO I’d rather have Clinton elected instead of the reincarnation of Hitler in Trump.

  18. The only person among the candidates that is a bit normal if you want to call it normal is Donald Trump and if you knew the history of the others you would really know what I mean. I know the truth about Bush Sr. and G.W. Bush and even Jeb that would send all of you into shock as well as Reagan and others. They are all evil to the core.

  19. Huggie Bear: Comparing Trump to an animal that stuck women and children into ovens is dangerous and reckless. It also tells me how little you know about WW2 and the horrors of the Nazi regime. Time to drop the cute nickname coward.

  20. Devon….I am not the only one to compare Trump to Hitler. The comparison has nothing to do with the holocaust. I do know my WWII history.

    And I will not stop using a pseudonym. I use it for a valid reason..I’ve explained it numerous times and will not be repeating my reasons anytime soon.

  21. Hugger the lame brained Yankees are as ignorant as can be and Trump is their best bet out of the entire lot and he is not like Hitler at all. Trump is trying to protect the American sheeple of their republic, their jobs, their lives and I can go on and on. There may be a civil war in the US so be prepared for that if it comes which it looks like it. If you knew about Hillary God Help Us All.

  22. Trump is extremely rich and powerful and he has no backing of the global elites. He is financing his own campaign and answers to nobody – at least what we know so far but who knows I am kind of suspicious because he is making some Masonic signs. I am deeply concerned about Obama just now – I know things – too much and you will all find out soon.

  23. There is no comparison of substance between Hitler and Trump. Ignorant drama at best. Smart money is on Trump and predictions from the most accurate sources (Canadian Professor Norpath, Stoney Brook University among others) agree. Considering the current PM a Trump win will not likely help the socialists (Canadians).

  24. Admin…I am in complete agreement. Hilary cannot win a pairing with Trump. Hilary would be target practice for Trump. The woman is carrying to much baggage that she and her handlers work fervently to keep from view. Trump is not concerned with political correctness and neither are the silent majority. Interesting to watch it unfold.

  25. If Trump wins heaven help the U.S. and the rest of the world. The man is a disaster and that’s what he’ll lead us all to if elected

  26. Hugger1…is your opinion of Trump largely due to the fact that he is not a bought and paid for politician? or politically correct? or successful and really doesn’t need the drama? or because the establishment and media are doing a great job and don’t need his help. Just curious as to your reasoning. He appeals to the silent majority why is that do you think?

  27. Hugger Trump is doing the right thing. Take a good look at what happened in Brussels and it is going to spread and maybe here in Canada, the US and other countries. Trump is right and the terrorists go through Mexico and the Mexicans have the same mentality as those of the Middle East – bribery, etc. Get on your knees and pray for our Canada and for all who lost their lives and pray for Trump.

  28. Pure and simple I don’t like Donald Trump. Pure and simple he is an a**hole and is in it for personal gain. I’ve never liked him and it started way before his “political” career. If he gets in he’ll be a one-term president, if he finishes his term.

  29. Jules…that is one reason I don’t like U.S. politics in general. So many attack ads and so many of them incorrect in their assumptions. Yes, we have attack ads up here, but nowhere near on the level they have in the U.S. crapper.

  30. Hugger all politicians are in it for personal gain. Take a good look at all the “a-holes” in Cornwall as well as surrounding areas and that is exactly what they are and why they are there. Trump doesn’t need the money and is extremely rich and yes he has a big mouth like all Yankees which I don’t like but none of the others are as good as Trump not one of them and that is the truth.

  31. Jules/David Oldham. we’ll never agree on Trump/Clinton/U.S. politics. This topic is getting old real fast. Time to move on…….

  32. The discussion was US politics Hugger1. Move on to what? Thank you for acknowledging that your berating of Trump was personal and not founded on reason. If you read my comments you will note that I have never endorsed or approved him. I have merely commented on the likelihood of his success.

  33. I haven’t like Donald Trump for a very, very long time. And as a potential politician and president he scares me what he could potentially do. Perhaps I don’t like him on a personal level, but that is my right, just as others have a right to like him, if they so choose. I don’t see what I said as berating Trump. So, whatever.

    As for moving on, time to move on to the next topic du jour.

  34. Spoken like a true coward. Try and shut down the conversation when someone disagrees. Call them names compare people to Hitler..yell out “racist!” when all avenues have failed.” Let’s move on now” says the hero “no story here”…and still try and get in the last word. I’m sure that I have as much if not more to lose than you. Time to crawl out from under your wife’s dress and be a man.

  35. You don’t like people calling people names, but it’s okay for you to do it? And insult people at the same time. Okayyyyy. I’m not trying to shut down the conversation; but I am done with this one. I can move on from any conversation when I please as I don’t answer to you or anyone else. I didn’t call Trump a racist. We all have lots to lose no matter whom is elected President of the U.S.A.

  36. Donald Trump is less character than caraciture. He whines and bullies, and surrounded by yes men all his life, he’s dumbfounded by criticism and can’t admit his mistakes.

    But this lack of substance, disjointed rhetoric, and crack-whore unfinished sentences is of course very appealing …to the unwashed, that can’t grasp anything beyond a sound bite, or see past the nose on their faces.

  37. Author

    Reminder to all to debate or discuss the point, but please, no personal attacks.

  38. I have to say that Trump is the better of the candidates and I do know who put Trump in but I won’t say here because it isn’t good at all. Hillary is mighty dangerous both at home and she could be mighty dangerous abroad. This woman is highly intelligent and at the same time she is insane and a killer. The Clintons and the Bushes are the crime families of today.

  39. Did you all know that all the presidents are related to one another and yes EVEN Obama – someone jumped the fence and he is also related to George W. Bush’s vice president Dick Cheney – yes he sure is as well as to Céline Dion and so is George Bush. You wouldn’t begin to believe who a lot of these people are related to even to the queen of England.

  40. Hugger Trump is 71 years old this week and it will be his last term in office because of his age. As we get older we don’t feel the same way as when we were younger and this is Trump’s only chance. I could never do the job that Trump has on his hands just now even in your dreams. It is one hell of a responsibility. Pray for the man.

  41. Hillary cheated the votes from Bernie Sanders. Hillary lost and it shows that cheating doesn’t work – something will always fire back on the person who does this. Trump is the best of the lot and give the man a chance. Trump is going to face a global economic depression and WWIII. That would kill anyone. Pray for Trump.

  42. Did you all know that Pres. Trump wants Canada to come out with reparations about the burning of the White House during the year of 1812. When I heard this I roared with laughter – something that happened over 200 years ago and it was the Yanks who invaded Canada and Canada along with the Brits were taking their revenge. Trump is very funny and to the rediculous.

  43. A lot of you might be following the Yankee news about some law maker and some others along with a few cops and the gunman shot in Alexandria Virginia. There was some sort of a baseball practice and all hell broke loose. What else is new in the US with all their gun toting problems,

  44. Does it surprise you that Trump wants reparations for 1812? It seems not long goes by where we (and if I have to define “we” then you don’t understand)are building a “memorial” for something or offering another “apology” for something that happened many, many years ago. It has gotten out of control with all of this. But I am willing to kick in a gallon of black paint to repaint The White House.

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