Mountie Shot in Ottawa – MARCH 17, 2016 #RCMP UPDATED

Another shooting in Ottawa.  This time on Sparks street involving a member of the RCMP.


Police and paramedics arrived around 9AM to find the Mountie shot.


There are no reports that this shooting is connected to the rash of drug and crime shootings that have been plaguing Ottawa.

Media reports have confirmed that the RCMP has died of a self inflicted gun shot.


  1. I was out this morning with my husband and went to St. Laurent Shopping Centre and then back home. I didn’t hear anything over the car radio until we got home and my son told us what happened. Too much stress here in Ottawa nowadays. Life is no longer the same as what it used to be. In past years you would never ever hear about these things.

  2. There was a sergeant of the Ottawa cops who was supposed to have committed suicide and my husband knows some of the family and my daughter worked with the man’s sister some years ago here in Ottawa. My husband suspects that he was murdered and not suicide. After reading what others posted about the RCMP some people suspect murder as well – anything is possible.

  3. There is such a thing as PTSD among law enforcement and the millitary and that could be one of the cases. It could also be a personal matter who knows. PTSD is so common today and it existed back in previous wars but nobody spoke about it like they do today and the same with the cops.

  4. We don’t know what caused this. Please do not speculate about the cause (PTSD, etc.) if you don’t know what is what.

  5. Hugger we can all speculate different things that caused this cop to go off his hinges and take his own life. Today life is gone down to tubes and many people are saying the same things where I go and read and I read many places on the net and we all have our eyes and ears open to everything. Stress causes many illnesses and today life is full of stress and society going downhill.

  6. Speculation is one thing……

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