Another Shooting in Ottawa – #OPS – March 17, 2016

Shooting on Meadowlands Drive


The Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs Unit is investigating a shooting that occurred on Meadowlands Drive.

At approximately 10:45 pm, on March 16, 2016, patrol officers responded to 911 calls where callers were reporting having heard gunshots. Officers attended the area of the 1300 block of Meadowlands Drive. Upon searching the area officers found several shell casings. There were no injuries as a result of this shooting.

Anyone with information with respect to this incident, or any other shooting, is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Guns & Gangs Unit at613-236-1222 ext. 5050.


  1. Surprise, surprise. Meadowlands Drive used to be a safe area. How things change. Does this have anything to do with parents “hands-off” attitude when it comes to discipline?

  2. Hugger Ottawa is no longer the same place at all and all you hear about are shootings, drugs, guns, and everything illegal. There is not one neighborhood in Ottawa that is safe no matter how expensive or cheap. An RCMP shot himself this morning on Metcalfe Street not far from Parliament Hill. The stress of living in Ottawa nowadays is unbelievable. I have to be a little crazy to live here.

  3. Hugger we drove on Meadowlands a number of times and there is plenty of low income housing out there now. Even if you live in Kanata, Orleans or anywhere else nowadays and those were good places to live but no more. Ottawa is Ottawa nowadays. When we first moved back to Ottawa there was a shooting not far from where we live and very frightening. Ottawa is in very big trouble nowadays.

  4. Just a thought Hugger1…there are now over 200 cultures represented in Canada. !3 distinct cultures have over 1 million people each. The former face of Canada, primarily represented by the immigrants who came and built this nation is no longer. A significant part of our population has come from embattled regions of the globe. Cultures that know violence are likely to perpetuate violence. IMHO.

  5. Mr. Oldham said something right about the multitude of cultures here in Canada and so different to the past cultures who came to Canada. Not long ago someone out west fired a gun either at a wedding or a funeral. In my husband’s Lebanon a gun is fired at a wedding but you sure won’t see that here in Canada except on that one time and the cops arrested whoever it was. Yes they come from violence

  6. Hugger I wish that it was that simple. All you see are Somalis (Islamic) along with Arabs (Islamic) and very few Christian Arabs and the Somalis and the Islamic Arabs fight each other and they are involved in the gangs because of drugs, booze, pimping prostitutes, guns and all other illegal activity. This isn’t the Ottawa that we once knew. This is garbage to the hilt who live here now.

  7. Anything is possible as to the reason.

  8. These days are very different from the times before..but you can’t blame it on immigrants…that’s narrow minded. Sure, alot of the youths today have little regard for respect or philanthropy. Our government has created a powderkeg by allowing so many people refuge into this country. I am in no way against offering refuge..but you don’t bring two people fighting into your livingroom to getalong

  9. aroc the problems here in Ottawa are mighty serious and it started in 1990 when Jean Chrétien brought over Islamics both Arabs and blacks and our Lebanese Christian friends have all said the same things to us. Islam does not mix with Christianity and it is going to get a great deal worse like Europe and if you don’t know what is going on please read about it. We haven’t seen anything yet.

  10. In France as well as in Belgium and other countries you see pockets of Islamic enclaves and no Christian person dares enter not even the cops. The same is starting to happen in Deerborn Michigan an aea of Detroit. Many places in the US like Arizona, New Mexico, etc. are off limits to Americans and contain Mexicans only. This is going to happen here in Canada as well. C7XDr

  11. aroc most of the crimes here in Ottawa are gang bangers and they are black and Arabs (Islamic on both races) as well as Afghanis. You have to live here to know and no neighborhood is safe at all. I don’t know how long we will live in Ottawa and may have to go elsewhere later. Nobody is safe in their own homes anymore nor in their businesses, etc. Things have gone to hell.

  12. aroc in the Middle East like in Lebanon and Egypt, etc. Christians live in different areas to Islamic people. Only some villages have people of different religions living together. In Arab countries the Jews have their own neighborhoods as well. You don’t see the mix like you see here and neighborhoods are also separated according to your social level and money and not like Canada at all.

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