Chris Wallace Loses Control of First US Presidential Debate. By Jamie Gilcig

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 – If Politics truly are a blood sport, veteran journalist and Fox broadcaster Chris Wallace proves it after a brutal Presidential debate.

This writer rarely writes about US politics. I went to school in the US and lived there in the 90’s. I have friends and family there and have always loved the US, but it’s going through some scary days.

In this debate President Donald Trump seemed to be debating both former VP Joe Biden and Mr. Wallace. It wasn’t pretty. It was no holds barred and brutal. It was personal. It was vitriolic.

In the only piece I wrote about the 2016 election I stated that if this was the best the two political parties of the World’s biggest Super Power could offer up to lead the US was in trouble and frankly I stand by that position this year.

Mr. Trump, struggling through the COVID Pandemic played to his supporters. There was very little said to try and attract voters from the other side; in fact much of what he said or didn’t say when not answering questions from Mr. Wallace would play into the Democrats rhetoric.

Mr. Biden looked frail, but survived the onslaught and even had a few bright moments, but not enough, needing the moderator to get him some word time in over the President who kept bulldozing Biden.

President Trump won this debate, but it might not really help him win the election. In 2016 he surprisingly handled Hilary Clinton in the debate and did so in a manner that helped him with voters. This debate will not do it for him.

This election sadly is showing the chinks in the American political parties. Right now what do each of them truly represent. One may be more on the right or left, but of what?

Mr. Biden spoke of accountability in reference to Law Enforcement, but frankly that accountability has to start top down. If you Elected officials and Justice system are not accountable it trickles down into what we have today.

There are some that were surprised that Mr. Biden survived the evening, but not many have confidence that he would survive a four year term if he wins which for many Americans means that this election truly is whether they would rather see President Trump get another four years or potentially see a President Kamala Harris.

The optics of beating an incumbent seem to have failed the Democrats this election.

What this means for Americans for the next four years most likely will be very bleak, especially if COVID isn’t tamed soon; which doesn’t look likely.

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