Ottawa Police Look For Marijuana Dispensary Robbers Sept 29, 2016

Suspects sought in the robbery of a medical marijuana dispensary


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit is investigating the recent robbery of a marijuana dispensary and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects responsible.

On September 6, 2016, at approximately 11:35 pm, staff at a medical marijuana dispensary, situated along the 300 block of Rideau Street, was in the process of closing. A female employee was rushed by two male suspects, pushed to the ground and assaulted. The suspects demanded money and drugs.  The employee was confined in a room by one suspect as the other suspect searched the premises and took products off shelves to place in a duffle bag that was brought by the suspects. One suspect indicated he had a firearm though none was seen. The suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed quantity of various marijuana products. The employee suffered a minor injury. She was assessed at the scene but did not seek further medical attention. The suspects were observed by witnesses running north on Nelson St.

The suspects are described as follows (images attached):

#1-Black male, 18-20, approximately 6ft(183 cm), medium build, wearing a black hoodie and a red bandana over his face.

#2-Black male, 18-20, approximately 6ft(183 cm), medium build, wearing a grey sweater, and grey pants.  The suspect carried a red Goodlife duffle bag.

Insp. Mike Laviolette, who oversees Criminal Investigations at Central Division, indicated that “The Ottawa Police are aware of medical marijuana dispensaries that have opened in Ottawa and investigations are ongoing.” Insp. Laviolette added that “Ottawa Police are having discussions with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada”.


  1. So an illegal business is robbed by brothers in crime and the police want the help of the public? No robbery would have taken place nor the injury to an illegal employee if the police had done their job in the first place. Who charges the police with dereliction of duty and failing to protect the public interest? Great system!

  2. How is a licenced medical dispensary an illegal business?

  3. David Oldham, what say you about the robbery and assault of employees of a pharmacy here in Cornwall and many other cities where the assailants are looking for opiates? Old geezers like you never realize the benefits of cannabis until you or a loved one finds it’s the only drug that helps you keep food down when being “medicated” for cancer treatment. Don’t judge people, life’s too short.

  4. Ryan Doglas….marijuana is not yet legal in Canada. Until it is the “licensed medical dispensaries” can call themselves whatever they want but they are not legal.

  5. Ryan there is no such thing as a legal cannabis dispensary in Canada. Only an LP, medical cannabis patient or assignee may grow cannabis. Only an LP can legally sell/provide cannabis and that process can only to accomplished through the mail to the end users address.

  6. Jerry what does a pharmacy have to do with an illegal dispensary run by criminals? You judge me without merit and then state that judging people should not occur. Confusing logic Jerry. Perhaps you would like to start over. I am prepared for a fair discussion on this matter.

  7. Dispensaries in Canada provide cannabis ONLY from the black market which is largely untested for mold, contaminants etc. Medicinal cannabis can ONLY be purchased by mail from a licensed producer. You must first see your doctor and acquire a prescription in order to register with an LP. No cost is involved. It is covered by your Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Easy process if warranted.

  8. Contact a Cannabis Consultant for more information or assistance with obtaining a prescription or on getting licensed to legally grow your own. Selecting strains or best managing your product can easily be demystified by talking to a Consultant. You might want to verify that they have professional liability insurance (errors and omission).

  9. Jerry and Mr. Oldham the only time that I agree about taking marijuana is when it is absolutely medically necessary otherwise it is harmful and when you need it it won’t work. I have personally witnessed a boy in high school who was smashed out of his mind every single day on hashish in Cornhole. I only would allow it when it is needed as medicinal.

  10. These marijuana outlets are illegal and anybody who has no medical prescription by a medical doctor is committing a crime. These establishments need to be taken down at once and yes Ottawa’s cops were not doing their jobs the right way. They always need the public’s support.

  11. David Oldham, you should never be in favor of terrible things happening to people. That “illegal worker” you speak of, is someone’s daughter, or mother, or sister. You obviously don’t sympathize with someone having their life threatened and the uncertainty of death by those disgusting THUGS. At the end of the day, it’s weed and is NOT illegal for those with a prescription(mine’s with Tweed).

  12. Jerry don’t think for a moment that I don’t understand your perspective. Thank you for sharing your medical status with us Jerry, most here I have found to be most compassionate. Even hard as nails Jules understands that it can be a necessary choice. This story however concerned criminals robbing & assaulting other criminals. I have never endorsed terrible things happening to anyone.

  13. Mr. Oldham I am hard as nails and that is true but when it comes to health and something can help a patient then I would bend my branch and say yes to medical wise. Marijuana should not be sold to the general public in those stores and should be made just for people who have prescriptions for medical problems. I do know that it relaxes especially to take those horrible meds.

  14. I just looked (not read into) a headline in the Ottawa Citizen paper that a college in New Brunswick is going to teach about marijuana – I think how to grow it – must have to do with health. I didn’t read it but this is becoming a necessity for some people.

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