Cornwall To Go To Trial Over Seniors Abba Noise Citation by Jamie Gilcig OCT 27, 2016

Cornwall To Go To Trial Over Seniors Abba Noise Citation by Jamie Gilcig OCT 27, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Cornwall By Law Officer Larson Payette is a busy boy.   He is involved in the false vicious dog citation given to a city man which appears to be heading towards the same courts as the case of Doug & Rachelle Raymond  who have engaged local lawyer Andre Bourgon instead of simply paying a $130 noise citation that they feel they clearly did not deserve.

bose player

(Bose player used during Seniors card game)

At a first appearance the City’s high priced non local lawyers from BLG appeared.    Cornwall CAO  Maureen Adams did not respond to a request from CFN as to the city’s legal bill to date, but several legal beagles cited estimates of $3,000 to $5,000 and counting, while estimates of the Raymond’s legal bill could be as much as $2,500.

From our original story:

Which is why Mr. Raymond was utterly flabbergasted when a knock on their door Tuesday led to a citation of $130 which was delivered by a Cornwall by law enforcement officer who had decided to accept the complaint of a neighbor without proof or speaking to the Raymond’s.

This is the same by law officer that gave a “Vicious Dog” order over a month ago in the same manner, that the city has yet to respond to.

Mr. Raymond, speaking with this writer, stated that their neighbor has phoned police over fifty times making complaints and that they’ve never been warned or charged, including previous noise complaints.  He was so upset he contacted Cornwall Power Lawyer and former Crown Andre Bourgon who had defended the Worm Kids.


This begs the question of what the heck is going on under By Law poobah Chris Rogers, and eventually CAO Maureen Adams?

Ms Adams recently floated a pork chop about what the Diane Shay case cost tax payers.

Clearly due process has not occurred in these recent cases which begs the question as to why the city would pursue them at such high cost?  Is this justice served and what message does it send to the public, because many can’t afford legal support to fight such injustices.

Does it make sense for anyone to be fined without any proof or a by law officer or police officer witnessing the offence as has happened in both this situation and the vicious dog citation?

My wife & I with our lawyer Andre Bourgon attended a pre-trial today regarding the fine($130) my wife Rachelle received on Aug 2/16 from the City’s by-law officers for excessive noise with our sound system on July 29/16.
As my wife is innocent of the charge our lawyer advised that we go to trial. The City’s lawyer agreed and the trial date is set for March 1, 2017.
This indicates how wasteful the City administration is by spending thousand of dollars of taxpayers money  on legal fees in trying to recoup $130.
I  also hope this is an eye opener for city councillors to react on this issue.
Douglas & Rachelle Raymond
Mr. Bourgon clarified that this was in fact a simple first appearance at POA Court where provincial offences are dealt with.
Clearly something needs to happen with the by law office in Cornwall as complaints build up.  This newspaper is currently investigating seven other complaints from the public ( if you have a complaint)   Many eateries complained of abusive food inspections as well.   Each one of these stories that come to light only hurt the community at multiple levels.
With Cornwall finishing again at the bottom ranks of the CFIB Canadian Entrepreneurial rankings something needs to be reviewed, and if needed fixed.
Likewise, for a community bent on attracting seniors how does a case like this citing Seniors playing cards help?
After all the CBC picked up our original story and it went national on As it Happens.  Is this what we want our city known for?
What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is this abusive waste of tax dollars with huge negative  impacts on our community?
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