Happy Night Before Discounted Halloween Candy Day 2016! by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario – It’s that time.   The trick or treat crews are getting ready to maraud our local neighborhoods!

Locally it’s going to be a clear and cold night with temps falling to about zero by the time the clock strikes the Witching Hour!

A warning to all to be safe.   Make sure your costumes are visible and drivers watch out for those tiny Pokemon and Princesses as they zip across streets.


Have fun and  of course here’s my favorite list of all time Halloween movies!

1)Nightmare Before Christmas  – an all time classic from Tim Burton!

2) Beetlejuice – Another Tim Burton flick.  Michael Keaton was incredible in his role.

3) Ed Wood – Yes, another Burton flick.   Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi was incredible and Johnny Depp in drag always works!   Patricia Arquette’s small role was delicately awesome.

4) Rocky Horror Picture Show – I know there’s a remake rolling out, but Tim Curry as Franknfurter cannot be replaced.

5) Dawn of the Dead – a must see on the big screen!

6)  Addams Family  – I still love me some Carolyn Jones as Morticia, but the flicks with Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia were strong on their own.

7)  Hocus Pocus.  Was Bette Midler really acting?  I jest.  I really like Sarah Jessica Parker in this fun tale.

8)  Child’s Play – who doesn’t get a buzz out of Chucky?

9)  The Shining – while no film version can do the book justice, Kubrick’s photography and the trip that Nicholson took us along for is classic.

What are your favorite Halloween movies or tv shows?  You can post your comments below.

Be safe and have fun!

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