Needles Reported in Halloween Chocolate in Ottawa NOV 1, 2016

Public Safety Advisory: Sewing needles found in Halloween candy

(Ottawa) – The Ottawa Police Service is investigating a report of Halloween candy that was found to have sewing needles inside of it.  The candy was collected at a residence somewhere in the Meadowbrook area; and the needles were found in chocolate bars.

The Ottawa Police Service is urging parents to inspect all of their children/s’ candy prior to letting them eat it, and be aware that the wrappers may not appear to have been tampered with.   If anything suspicious is found please call police and keep the candy and wrappers.

Anyone with information can contact the Ottawa Police Service East Division Criminal Investigative Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 3566.


  1. My daughter said to me the other day “mom you never took us out on Halloween when we were kids and I see why and so much more” and that is so true. Good parents stay in the neighborhood that they know and don’t go elsewhere. You have to know your neighbors really well. Ottawa is a transient town and you rarely know who is who. Kids are not allowed to trick or treat in buildings either.

  2. Turns out the needles were planted by the kid reporting it.

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