ALI & AHMAD HAMZEH Charged With Drugs by Gang Unit in Ottawa NOV 4, 2016

CDSA Warrant Execution on Big Sky Private

(Ottawa) –On November 4th, 2016, the Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs Unit executed a Controlled Drug & Substance Act (CDSA) search warrant at the 200 block of Big Sky Private.  In result of the Search Warrant, two males were arrested and charged, drugs and Canadian currency was seized.

The Guns and Gangs Unit commenced an investigation in October of 2016 into the drug dealing activities of Ali HAMZEH and Ahmad HAMZEH. The warrant resulted in the seizure of

  • 81 grams of cocaine
  • 23 grams of crack cocaine
  • 4.5 grams of hashish
  • $9155 in Canadian currency

Ali HAMZEH, 25 years old and Ahmad HAMZEH, 25 years old, both of Ottawa, were subsequently charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in cocaine and hashish as well as possession of proceeds of crime over $5000.

Ali and Ahmad will appear in show cause court this afternoon.

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  1. This morning I dropped into the fabric store and my husband waited for me in the car where Heatherington and Walkley is and he just was scared to see the gangs around. This was the first time that he sat in the car in that area – it is so mighty bad. Ottawa is gone compared to what it used to be. I no longer go there alone to shop.

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