Did the Cornwall Police Take a Six Day Break? #CCPS JAN 4, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – The CCPS has many good officers, but the force, which costs Cornwall taxpayers about 50% per year than the OPP charge the entire United Counties of SD&G, recently has downgraded it’s reporting services to the media and public.

They recently stopped sending out email blasts with the daily police blotter.  In fact they report a lot less of the actual calls or crimes than are in the police blotter.

CFN had requested similar info to Kingston which reports the amounts of total calls as do most OPP detachments, but was rebuffed.

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When we queried Chief Dan Parkinson about the latest change of only publishing the Police Blotter on the CCPS website or social media our protest was promptly brushed off.

The last missive from the CCPS was on December 30th and today is now January 4th.  Was there no crime occurring during the last six days?

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The role of the media is of course to be the ears for the greater community, and to inform the public when there’s a crisis or issue.

Their website doesn’t even offer a date for 2017 yet which could be a website issue.  The page also doesn’t offer historical dating; IE 2015 or previous years.

As one lawyer once mentioned, the media should be sitting in on every court hearing, which of course with boycotts and dwindling ad revenues is near impossible, but one thing we hope to do is report crimes via police services.

So with technology and budgets advancing the big question is why is the Cornwall Community Police Service becoming so hard to get information from?

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