SUDDEN DEATH as BODY FOUND in 2nd St. West Apartment in Cornwall Ontario JAN 7, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Neighbors in a Cornwall large apartment building in the 200 block of Second Street West were suffering from nasty odours in their hallway that turned out to be a gentlemen in his 50’s that had died in his apartment.

Estimates were that he’d been deceased for over a week before his body was discovered sitting in a chair.  A witness stated that the deceased had heart issues.

The Cornwall Community Police confirmed the grisly discovery to CFN, and stated that the coroner has not released any info yet, and that they are still trying to locate relatives of the deceased who was said to be a loner.   An investigation is ongoing.


  1. There was an elderly man that used to go every day where my daughter works and chat with everyone and one day they found his body dead in his apartment and he died of a heart attack and he had no family. My daughter took it kind of hard since he was a very nice man and the other people felt the same way. This happens a lot here in Ottawa.

  2. Once upon a time,door to door mail delivery would pick up on sad events like this

  3. Author

    Not in apartment buildings Mary.

  4. They do not have to enter building to realize that mail is not being picked up from mail boxes of residents

  5. When we lived at a previous apartment building down the ways from where we live now back in the 80’s era a woman committed suicide in her apartment and there was a terrible smell. The tenants on that floor spoke to the super and the super with his helper found the body and called the cops. This happens sometimes not often.

  6. Speaking about mail I have to go down now and collect what is there including all the junk that the mail man puts there. It is all by key by the post office and we all have boxes that the mail is put in – no door to door delivery. Even in private homes now mail is being put in boxes and people have to go and use their key and pick it up here in Ottawa. The good days are gone.

  7. Poor Robin the man that my daughter spoke about and when I went to the store Robin would always put people in good humor. We were all shocked that he passed away. The store is no longer the same without that man around joking and keeping everyone with a smile on their faces. I checked my mail a while ago and not even junk mail. That is good news for me – don’t have to recycle any junk today.

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