CBC Shows Lack of Culture in Cornwall Over La La Land Miss by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario – Another black eye for Cornwall, and yet another sad miss in trying to rebuild a relationship with Hollywood star Ryan Gosling who grew up in the River City and got his big break by commuting to auditions in Montreal.

La La Land, which has tied a record for Oscar Nominations has yet to play at our local multiplex.  It’s also not been picked up by our original Roxy theatre which oddly enough is showing another Oscar nommed pic.   The CBC in BC just did a story about this odd miss.

Only AFTER the slew of Oscar noms did our local Galaxy theatre decide to add the pic to the roster.   Ironically the theatre has been showing the Matthew McConaughey musical, Sing.

Gosling was homeschooled after being bullied in Cornwall.  Ironically some of the bullies still get cheered when they brag about it including two fledgling media people who kinda think they’re funny.


Cornwall’s history of a town that doesn’t support culture was highlighted this year when it’s Public Art Gallery closed after 36 years due to the city cutting its funding to zero for two years.   The gallery struggled to spread less than one years funds for that period and were supported by some talented artists, but couldn’t continue without funding.

Gosling was asked to support the gallery through his rep in Los Angeles, but didn’t come through in time.

While you can’t blame Cineplex/Galaxy for placing La La Land sooner as they are a business that bases their decisions on numbers, and the movie biz is always about numbers,  one would have to ask why the City’s Economic Development team didn’t reach out to the chain in advance?

Again, a missed opportunity for a city truly needing a World of Opportunities to make up for its cronyism, nepotism, racism, corruption, bullying, and cultural ignorance.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Ryan is a Canadian and that’s how people refer to his roots. Cornwall is incidental, apparently as you indicate even in Cornwall.

  2. Cornwall? That is the place of sexual abuse. That is exactly what some of my neighbors came out with about Cornwall and one of them is from Kingston Ontario. Nobody wants to be affiliated with Cornwall at all. Ryan Gosling is Canadian and lived in many cities and towns and was born in London Ontario.

  3. Cornwall doesn’t have culture and never will unless people leave that town and get really educated and all the oldies who are illiterate die off and the town becomes a professional town and not some honkey tonk uneducated mill town. All the clique has to leave completely.

  4. Author

    Jules you’re being silly. Think about something for a moment. Most of those moving to Cornwall are retired or near retired from other communities such as Ottawa. They are bringing their culture here, but sadly there are very few outlets for them to share it with. During my time at the art gallery most of those walking in were from outside of the community.

  5. Jules…I would like you to know there are many educated people in Cornwall. I for one have a grade 12 education, a college diploma and a university degree. Just so you know, with all that education, I worked at Domtar for 25 years and I know many men and woman that were there also had a great education. NO NEED to call Cornwall an uneducated mill town.

  6. Cornwall Hockey good for you because you are one of the very few educated people down in that backward town. Most of the people who worked at Domtar were push button monkeys without any education making very high wages and now the mills have gone over to the third world to do the same job for very little money. People who worked at Domtar wanted more and more and today this is the result.

  7. Jules.. Have you given up on quilting completely?

  8. Furtz I am quilting every day I do some. Today I went and got more material with my daughter and I showed one of her co-workers some of the material I purchased. I am constantly busy. I have more laughs on Jamie’s CFN than anything I can think of. LOL LOL.

  9. Jamie I just went on one of Cornwall’s toilet papers of record and they spoke about a possibility of closure of libraries in the counties. Well that is culture going down the drain. The economy is in very big trouble and people don’t realize how bad and yes it is going to affect everything and schools are connected to all this as well.

  10. Jamie during the summer months there are many seniors and younger folks as well but especially seniors who take their easels and paints to the parks and paint beautiful scenery. I see them a lot at Hogg’s Back Falls on some days and such talent. I have never seen that in Cornwall before. There used to be Kyte’s Book Store in Cornwall and they sold art supplies there for students in high school

  11. Furtz I have my quilting pieces in front of me. One day I laughed so much at Cornwall that I pricked my finger with the sewing needle – hand sewing. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie’s paper is the very best in town maybe even beyond.

  12. Author

    Jules you should do a Cornwall or CFN quilt 🙂

  13. Jamie you are a sweetie and funny as can be. About 5 years ago I was thinking about doing something historical (a quilt) about our forefathers and then said to myself I am not that artistic in drawing. I would have to go through many books and trace and all that cutting and piecing and the colors of the clothing. It would be a big job. Some people have undertook such a project.

  14. Jamie you said that some retirees of Ottawa are going to Cornwall. Well I remember now meeting one lady at the fabric store who is from Ottawa and gone to live in Cornwall and I was shocked. This lady brought a lady from Cornwall with her to Ottawa. One other woman was a mom of one of my former co-workers and had a lovely home in Cornwall and sold it and came back to Ottawa.

  15. Jamie I love your CFN paper and wouldn’t know where to start. All I would do is put myself on the quilt laughing myself to pieces as usual. Love your paper Jamie and that is so true. It is the best one in Cornwall.

  16. Cornwallhockey….less than ten percent of Cornwall residents have any post secondary education (Statistics Canada). The simple truth is that Cornwall is a former mill town (now warehouse/distribution town). Different shirt, same blue collar.

  17. Ontario is bankrupt and things have to change. I just went quick like on the Ottawa Citizen paper before turning in and parents are mighty upset. What in tarnation made four boards instead of the two that we used to have. We dont need a public french, a public english, a french catholic and an english catholic. So much libtart spending and people are literally broke and cannot pay the taxes.

  18. Cornwall hasn’t changed a bit and when I saw a few people from the US go to Cornwall and asked us about the sites I pointed to Domtar and we all laughed. I told them to go the the Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside as well as Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg and that Cornwall had nothing at all and that we ourselves were leaving for good.

  19. Mr. Oldham you are absolutely right and very few people in Cornwall have post secondary education. When we would go down to Cornwall you can see what kind of people they were just by looking at them. Cornwall is finished and you cannot thrive on retired people. Under the libtards all of Ontario and Canada will fail drastically.

  20. I’ve lived, studied, worked, volunteered, supported business and industry, raised children… done what a lot of people do in Cornwall. And ‘though I’m not pleased with the state of our city government and administration, nor happy with the various “cliques” over the years that are content to enrich themselves, and perpetuate the poverty and ignorance that is too common in town — But…

  21. … The superstitious babbling of smugly ignorant, ill-informed, and simple minded FOX, Weather Network, and Conspiracy Web Site enthusiasts — that “think they will be heard because of their many words” — are frankly a crass and noisy embarrassment to themselves that serve only to drown out considered thought.

    Take another vacation please… and ease up on the brush you tar every else with.

  22. Jamie the quilt that would depict Cornwall would be the dumps in town where Domtar used to be and made into a ski hill, another is Optomist Park which was the city dump back in the 50’s era and caught on fire in 59. There is the dump in Long Sault that makes a lot of residents very sick and one family had to close down their business because of sickness. I can go on and on – that town is a dump.

  23. Very few people in Cornwall even have a high school diploma. These days when people go for jobs here in Ottawa they want college or university or both. People also have to go through a police check to see what kind of a person they are and are not hired just out of the blue. A mayor in Cornwall with only grade 9 if lucky and a counsellor with grade 8 in the previous administration. This is Cor

  24. I forgot to say that when I worked in the government my supervisor gave me a type of quilt that I could paint with a brush and they were special paints. I wish that I kept it but passed it on. I laughed when I saw that thing back then. I would have to paint Cornwall brown – a dark brown which would be mighty sombre of a place to live.

  25. CBC is right about Cornwall not having any culture but oh wait there is culture in the drug, cigarette, human traffic, illegal guns, and everything else that is illegal and that is the culture of Cornwall. All the guns flowing through come mostly from the Cornwall and area and everyone knows about it. Good people leave that town and never return ever again.

  26. Cornwall is one place that does lack artistic culture of all kinds and when Jamie went to live in Cornwall both he and his wife did what they could for the town but the town turned their backs on them. Both Jamie and his wife went to volunteer their precious time and was shunned – how is that for welcoming someone to your town.

  27. I am living 60 or more miles away from Cornwall but I know what goes on down there. I volunteered for 5 years in both the hospitals that once existed and got nothing for it. When we lived in Cornwall (my family and I) we were confronted with racism. Jamie has tried to help hockey as well as art and he knows both really well but when you are from another town you become ostracised.

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