CBC Shows Lack of Culture in Cornwall Over La La Land Miss by Jamie Gilcig

CBC Shows Lack of Culture in Cornwall Over La La Land Miss by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario – Another black eye for Cornwall, and yet another sad miss in trying to rebuild a relationship with Hollywood star Ryan Gosling who grew up in the River City and got his big break by commuting to auditions in Montreal.

La La Land, which has tied a record for Oscar Nominations has yet to play at our local multiplex.  It’s also not been picked up by our original Roxy theatre which oddly enough is showing another Oscar nommed pic.   The CBC in BC just did a story about this odd miss.

Only AFTER the slew of Oscar noms did our local Galaxy theatre decide to add the pic to the roster.   Ironically the theatre has been showing the Matthew McConaughey musical, Sing.

Gosling was homeschooled after being bullied in Cornwall.  Ironically some of the bullies still get cheered when they brag about it including two fledgling media people who kinda think they’re funny.


Cornwall’s history of a town that doesn’t support culture was highlighted this year when it’s Public Art Gallery closed after 36 years due to the city cutting its funding to zero for two years.   The gallery struggled to spread less than one years funds for that period and were supported by some talented artists, but couldn’t continue without funding.

Gosling was asked to support the gallery through his rep in Los Angeles, but didn’t come through in time.

While you can’t blame Cineplex/Galaxy for placing La La Land sooner as they are a business that bases their decisions on numbers, and the movie biz is always about numbers,  one would have to ask why the City’s Economic Development team didn’t reach out to the chain in advance?

Again, a missed opportunity for a city truly needing a World of Opportunities to make up for its cronyism, nepotism, racism, corruption, bullying, and cultural ignorance.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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