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Police Bulletin

Calls for Service

Kingston Police had 289 calls for service from 5:00 a.m. on January 27 till 5:00 a.m. on January 30, 2017. Of these, 195 calls occurred in the city central area, 55 in the west end, 13 in the east end, and 14 north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

  • 10 domestic calls
  • 5 assault calls
  • 1 sexual assault
  • 8 harassment calls
  • 11 fight/disturbance calls
  • 15 undesirable calls
  • 4 drunk calls
  • 3 customer trouble calls (2301)
  • 1 custody dispute call
  • 6 alarm calls
  • 14 noise complaints
  • 1 trouble with kids call
  • 3 missing person calls
  • 11 Mental Health Act calls
  • 8 medical assist calls
  • 27 assist citizen calls
  • 6 break and enter calls
  • 15 theft calls
  • 9 shoplifting calls
  • 5 mischief calls
  • 5 fraud calls
  • 19 motor vehicle collisions
  • 3 impaired driving calls
  • 3 parking/vehicle complaints
  • 12 driving complaints
  • 3 traffic concerns
  • 27 suspicious activity calls
  • 2 trespass/prowler calls
  • 1 panhandling call

There were 14 individuals arrested between 5:00 a.m. Friday, January 27 and 5:00 a.m. Monday, January 30, 2017 including 12 men and 2 women, between 19 and 62 years of age, for the following offences: assault, assault with a weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, forcible confinement, choking, mischief, utter threat to cause bodily harm, uttering death threats, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and breach probation.

Residents are encouraged to view the Kingston Police Crime Mapping Tool that can be accessed through the website here. To further community awareness and improve accessibility to calls-for-police-service occurring in the community, Kingston Police has merged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with police calls-for-service data for user-friendly public consumption.

Woman Charged After Attacking Staff Members at Group Home


A 23-year-old woman of no fixed address was charged after attacking staff at a local group home.

January 28, 2017 at approximately 2:50 p.m. the accused was becoming disruptive at a group home. Two staff members were speaking with the accused attempting to have her eat and settle down. The accused suddenly ran at the staff members, violently swinging her arms. The accused struck both members in the chest area before they could restrain her. Police were called and the accused was arrested.

The accused was transported to police headquarters where she was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The victims suffered no injury as a result of the attack. The accused was charged with breach probation and two counts of assault.

Man Assaults his Wife with a Baking Sheet


A 62-year-old local man is facing charges after assaulting his wife during an argument over money.

January 29, 2017 at approximately 5:00 p.m. the accused and the victim, his wife, were in their residence in the east end of the City. The accused and victim began arguing over his control of her spending money on household items. The argument escalated and became physical. At one point during the altercation the accused pushed the victim into a wall and put his hand around her neck before pushing her to the floor. When the victim got up, the accused struck her over the head with an aluminum baking sheet. The accused left the residence shortly afterwards.

At approximately 7:15 p.m. the accused turned himself in at police headquarters. He was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The victim suffered a minor injury as a result of the altercation. The accused was charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

Dangerous Drivers Identity Determined after Investigation


A 26-year-old local man who eluded officers after a dangerous driving stunt was arrested after police were able to identify him and a warrant for his arrest was obtained.

January 23, 2017 at approximately 2:30 p.m. the accused was driving a vehicle southbound on Montreal Street. An officer on patrol observed the accused approaching from behind and pulled to the side of the road to investigate an expired plate validation. The accused made an abrupt right turn onto MacCauley Street. The officer turned his police cruiser around and proceeded to MacCauley Street where he observed the accused over 100 meters away driving at an approximate speed of 80 km/h in the posted 50 km/h zone. The accused then slammed on the brakes and made a sudden turn onto Daly Streets where he lost control and hit the side walk. The vehicle then went sideways and skidded to a halt in the rear of a building on Montreal Street. The officer observed the accused exit the driver’s door and run from the vehicle along with two other male occupants.

The officer pursued the fleeing driver, as a female exited the vehicle with a small child. The driver and male passengers eluded police and upon returning to the vehicle officers found it abandoned with unlocked doors. The vehicle was towed.

After further investigation the officer was able to identify the accused driver and a warrant was applied for, as the accused was of no fixed address at that time.

January 27, 2017 at approximately 10:00 a.m. the accused turned himself in at police headquarters. The accused was booked and later released on a promise to appear.

The accused is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and breach of probation.

Man Facing Charges After Police Uncover Two Domestic Incidents


A 39-year-old local man is facing numerous charges after an investigation reveals two incidents of domestic violence.

January 27, 2017 police began an investigation into the accused regarding two domestic incidents. Police learned that on both December 26, 2016 and January 26, 2017 the accused had become violent with his common-law at their residence. On the first incident he prevented her from leaving the residence, chocked her and pinned her down. On the second incident he threatened to attack her friends and threw water in her face.

The victim was taken to a place of safety while police searched for the accused and sought a warrant for the arrest.

On January 28, 2017 at approximately 7:45 a.m. the accused was arrested after turning himself in at police headquarters. The accused was held to attend a bail hearing.

The accused was charged with forcible confinement, two counts of assault, choking, and two counts of utter threat to cause bodily harm.

For those suffering domestic violence – no one has the right to abuse you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kingston Police or some of the other valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area:

Police Seeking Assistance Identifying Parkway Grocery Robbery Suspect


January 29, 2017 at approximately 8:45 p.m. a suspect entered the Parkway Grocery store located at 1469 Princess Street. The suspect entered the store wearing a white clown faced mask. The suspect went to the counter while pointing a small hand gun at the store clerk. The suspect demanded money and then fled the store with a quantity of cash. The suspect may have gotten into a vehicle that was in the parking lot.

The suspect is described as a white male, with short black hair, approximately 5’6”, average build, and a small tattoo of writing on the back of his neck. He may have been wearing a brightly coloured orange construction like jacket.

Anyone with information is please asked to contact Detective Clint Wills at 613-549-4660 ext 6266 or via email at kwills@kpf.ca

Knife Wielding Man Threatens Bar Staff


A 38-year-old local man is facing numerous charges after wielding a knife in local bar and threatening the staff.

January 30, 2017 at approximately 1:00 a.m. the accused went to a bar on Montreal Street. The accused was allegedly upset over a call from his girlfriend. The accused pulled so hard on the door that he ripped the handle partially off. Once inside the bar the accused began waving a 6” knife around, while making threats to kill the staff and bomb the establishment. The owner off the bar was able to push him outside, despite the accused making stabbing gestures with the knife.

Police were called and the accused was seen getting into a truck on Queen Street. The vehicle was stopped and the accused was arrested without further incident. On the floor where the accused had been sitting, a spring loaded knife matching the description provided by witnesses was found.

The accused was transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing.

The accused is charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, mischief, uttering death threats and two counts of breach probation.

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