SNOW ALERT (20+cm) for the Cornwall Ontario Area FEB 12, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO –   Up to 20cm of snow is expected to fall in the Cornwall area between Sunday and Monday.

Sunday will start with a low of -12c with more snow falling as temperatures rise towards zero by night.  Expect the heaviest snow in the later afternoon and early evening.

Expect mild temps, between zero and -10c until Wednesday with bouts of snow and mixed precipitation.

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9:21 PM EST Saturday 11 February 2017
Snowfall warning in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Maxville – Alexandria
  • Morrisburg – Long Sault
  • Winchester – Newington

Snowfall, with total amounts of 15 to 25 cm is expected.

Significant snow is expected to begin Sunday afternoon and end Monday morning.

A developing Colorado low is expected to track south of the lower Great Lakes and bring snow to eastern Ontario for Sunday. Although there is still some uncertainty with respect to the track of the low, current information suggests total snow fall amounts of 20 to 25 cm are likely by Monday morning.

Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Public Safety Canada encourages everyone to make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medicine, a first-aid kit and a flashlight.

Snowfall warnings are issued when significant snowfall is expected.


  1. And Trump wants to make changes to NAFTA, he can start with keeping the bad weather in the USA. Colorado snow on the way again

  2. Oh my oh my does this mean more cancellation of school buses in Cornwall and area? People are getting mighty soft these days not being able to trudge through the snow and cold. We sure are in trouble as Canadians. Eh?

  3. Author

    Jules they should be able to clear it up in time for school Monday 🙂

  4. My super and his wife will be outside all night shoveling as usual. I saw men shoveling their driveways yesterday and my daughter and I were walking by and I said “thank God I have no more house so as not to shovel and cut grass” that would literally kill me on the spot.

  5. My daughter and I went out yesterday so as I can get more material for my quilting and I said to her and my husband this morning that it is a good thing that we went yesterday. The sidewalks are terribly done and today I couldn’t make that long trip. I sure am getting up there in age and how I feel. Old age has struck at 66 years of age. Lots of senior moments.

  6. Jamie when I looked out the window a couple of hours ago I saw two snow plows shoveling on the same main street below and the snow keeps piling without end. Hubby is worried if he can get out of the underground garage and we have a very steep hill. Today this building would not be allowed to be built and you need a second exist for the underground parking and that is missing.

  7. Jamie hubby and I went out this morning to Billings Bridge and the roads here in Ottawa are so so and I am talking about the main roads. Here where I live it is residential like Riverdale and we were slipping and sliding everywhere including a lady that drove into our street. What a disaster including at our building. Check out the east coast – that is something else.

  8. Snow, snow, snow ..;. as that old song goes in that old movie with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. We are supposed ot get 10 or more centimeters of snow this evening. The snowplows cannot keep up. The kids in the schools in Cornwall and area are sure getting quite a vacation. So many schools are going to close in Cornwall and area. Many will leave for other places.

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